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Connector head splitter
Dual head splitter receptacles enable the powering of two devices from a single cable, without requiring additional interior vehicle space. The configuration allows two sets of MIL-DTL-55181-compatible receptacle contacts to share power from one source cable. As this innovative interconnect is a single-piece design, it is a simpler and lower-cost solution to multiple external “Y” cable assemblies.
Multi-power access units
These engineered components provide two power outputs from a single input. The unit’s body incorporates a cable adaptor and a MIL-spec-style receptacle to facilitate power splitting from a single MIL-DTL-55181-compatible plug connected to the power source. This is an ideal configuration for height-constrained applications or when a preexisting preconfigured cable or wire harness is needed (mating interface to the receptacle interconnect). While versatile, the units’ physical size and functionality are more permanent than those previously discussed.
Alternative orientations for cable plugs
Conventional QPL-qualified MIL-DTL-55181 connectors are configured for 90° mounting to the source interconnect. This configuration is less than ideal due to dashboard or panel-mounting space constraints or overlapped “wire stacking,” which can induce electromagnetic interference (EMI). The connectors’ right-angle orientation is also impractical for in-line cable interconnection. Straight-backshell MIL-DTL-55181-compatible versions of right-angle interconnects were engineered to avoid the obstruction of other installed power connectors, and to provide an optimal solution for in-line and extension cable interconnects.

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