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                       — Power & Data Connectivity Expand — Electronic Capabilities eBook
Our latest eBook, 2021 Power & Data Connectivity Expand Electronic Capabilities, highlights the many ways today’s connectivity solutions optimize the delivery of power and data while meeting increasingly demanding application requirements. Experts from 14 leading connectivity companies address the unique challenges electronics face in various environments (space, autonomous vehicles, data centers), for popular applications (military vehicles, IoT and machine learning, rail systems, warehouse automation, 5G devices), or with specific connector types (M16, RAST, Micro D).
This eBook also features a Product Briefs selection of more than forty innovative connectivity products designed to support connected systems across a range of application environments and markets.
Please enjoy this edition, the final of three 2021 eBooks. Our first 2022 eBook, Rugged Interconnects for Harsh Environments, will be available in Spring 2022. This collection will look at the ways connectivity solutions are pushing the limits to serve challenging applications and technologies in harsh environments. Connectivity solutions are subjected to extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, dust and water, chemicals and radiation, but constant advancements allow them to keep electronic systems running smoothly and efficiently.
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