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Eliminate component redundancies
Thanks to improved technology and machine precision, simpler connectivity designs can be just as robust. Certain parts of the original component design could be rendered obsolete. Removing such redundancies can save material costs or even eliminate an assembly process.
One example is the RAST connector. RAST IDC connectors were originally developed for household appliance applications but have since been adapted for wire-to-board connections within the automotive industry. They can be mounted directly onto the PCB, eliminating additional receptacles traditionally required for wire-to-board connections.
  » RAST IDC crimping process
IDC Crimping
Another example would be press-fit technology. Press-fit technology is a solder- less termination technology in which pins can be mounted directly onto a PCB. The elasticity of the contact material and its unique shape apply a normal force on the plated- through-hole enabling a reliable mechanical and electrical connection. Subsequently, the convenience and reliability enabled by this technology help to lower costs and enhance the overall design.
  » RAST PCB mounting process
PCB Mounting
  » Press-fit mounting process (left) and pre-assembled press-fit terminals (right)

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