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connected devices. “The antennas within the small cell are highly directional and use what’s called beamforming to direct attention to very specific areas around the tower. These devices can also quickly adjust power usage based on the current load. This means when a radio is not in use, it will drop down into a lower power state in just a few milliseconds, and then re-adjust just as quickly when more power is needed.... At a minimum, 5G must support one million devices for every square kilometer (0.386 square miles),” wrote Tim Fisher on [4].
Updated AISG connector standards
Connectors act as the vital link between the cables carrying data and the devices that record and communicate information. For cell tower antennas, the demand for faster and more reliable data transmission has driven the development of products able to support the specific connector requirements set by the Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG). The AISG defines the communication interface for “remote electrical tilt” (RET) of the mobile phone antenna. The AISG standard helps to define the AISG connector for RS-485 (AISG C485), which is used for outdoor applications [5].
The AISG standard has been redefined in terms of electrical and mechanical characteristics, environmental conditions, and materials. (See Figure 2.)
Electrical characteristics:
• Rated voltage of 32V
• Current carrying capacity of 5A per contact • Contact resistance (≤ 5mΩ)
• Insulation resistance (≥108 Ω)
Mechanical characteristics:
• IP68 protection degree
• >100 Mating cycles
• Insertion and withdrawal forces of 60N max • Keying method
• Vibration and shock resistance
• Cable retention force of 80N
Environmental conditions:
• Harsh environment resistance (protection against temperature, salt mist, sunlight, and rain exposure)
Material and other characteristics:
• Housing surface of nickel is recommended
• Contact plating of gold or silver
• Crimp or solder termination
• 8 pins with 4 to 5 pins used
• M16 x 0.75 screw locking system
• EMC shielding
» binder’s 423 and 723 series M16 connectors are AISG compliant with an 8-pin DIN variant that supports all wireless networks, including 5G. Rugged metal shells, 360° EMI shielding, and IP68-rated protection fulfill the AISG standard for harsh environment resistance.

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