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Configurable, Modular Connectors Provide Design Expedience
John Froustet, Director of Device & Field Connectivity Division
Digitalization encompasses both digital and physical interfaces. More and more devices are being networked together to communicate with each other. Connection solutions need to meet the mechanical and data-carrying requirements of the end product as well as relevant standards for the specific market. For example, PCB connectors must have all relevant approvals according to UL 1059 and IEC 61984 for industrial applications. Connectors that combine functions or expand capabilities provide product designers with performance and flexibility.
In the industrial market, generating data is nothing new. Gigantic amounts of data are already produced and collected in manufacturing and utility facilities. Innovative connection technologies simplify this process. These include connectors that combine a future-oriented and configurable product design with efficient connection technologies and fast delivery of data.
Flexible options for interface design
Modular connector designs provide engineers with the ultimate degree of flexibility. A flexible device connector designed according to the modular principle offers numerous possibilities for designing and updating electronic products and systems. The basic structure of a connector that is configured through individual modules offers the developer diverse and flexible options for interface design. This gives users enormous flexibility in the development process and allows them to adapt their designs at short notice or for a specific customer update or specialized requirement.

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