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Application diversity is required because not all connectors can withstand shock and vibration inside cars. They must pass USCAR2 tests and sport error-proof, mis-mating, and floating tolerant designs. Some must meet ADAS-friendly protocols like Gigabit Ethernet. For e-bikes, connectors sourcing power from battery to motor must have waterproof sealing.
» Flexible printed circuit connectors can be extremely small » Amphenol’s single-pair Ethernet (SPE) connectors with IP20 with 0.21mm pitch sizes like Amphenol’s product (above). sealing can be used for industrial and automotive wiring.
Connectors are essential to every aspect of electronics, every level or hierarchy, in each industry and application, from data centers to wireless infrastructure, from factory floor to wearable electronics. As technology influences connector development, so connectors influence technology. Their simplicity has inspired developments on both a holistic and revolutionary level. They are vanguards of refinement, precision, durability, and reliability on which novel designs are conceived.
Visit Amphenol ICC to learn more. References
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