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Ethernet can support the vast uploading and downloading activity required for programming, updating, and operation of industrial equipment. As a result, Industrial Ethernet has simplified the process of equipment programming, as it can easily be achieved onsite in less time.
Implementing a reliable network of industrial equipment responsible for complex operations and data transmission speeds at upwards of 10 Gb/s is no easy task. Most industrial applications operate in harsh environmental conditions of some kind. Industrial facilities and equipment are often subject to signal or data interference, dust and moisture contaminants, extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, and other challenges.
Size constraints, particularly in IoT, robotics, and machine vision applications, are also a considerable design hurdle. Not only are devices getting smaller, but higher data throughput requirements typically equate to more connection points in a connector. Simply put, smaller connectors offer more design flexibility on the board to add functionality or decrease the size of the device. However, smaller connectors often come with a compromise in ruggedness.
Out with the old
Previously, standard I/O connectors could be employed in industrial process and automation equipment. However, modern industrial hardware features increased I/O requirements and mechanical robustness demands that legacy connectors cannot meet. Many legacy I/O connection points are prone to damage during handling and installation.
» The ix industrial right angle version eliminates cable bending when space on the interface connection side of the device is limited. The new connector type allows the cable to be pulled out at a right angle in respect to the mating axis, reducing the height of the equipment interface connection and making it easier to route the cable in tight spaces.
Modular jack solutions, which dominated the data and networking market, were employed instead to meet many Industrial Ethernet application requirements. Sealed RJ45 connectors enable point-to-point connectivity for uploading and downloading data without requiring machine shutdown. The rugged RJ45 housing protects against exposure to dust, dirt, liquid, and other harmful substances present in industrial environments. The rugged RJ45 connectors are also resistant to shock and vibration, and IP67/68 versions are specified for both indoor and outdoor use. However, standard RJ45 jacks, and particularly the high-density connector versions, are susceptible to crosstalk. The signal and return arrangement of a standard RJ45 jack causes two current loops to overlap. This effects signal integrity and reliability. RJ45 connectivity also limits the miniaturization of devices. As a result, new connector technologies have been established to meet design requirements.
  » Supporting CAT5e and Cat6a Ethernet cabling, the ix80 Industrial Series I/O connector offers vertical mating for design flexibility in next-generation industrial modules

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