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 Calling all youth ages 7-29 years old for Round 2: Red Dress, Dress Red Project
Red Dress, Dress Red is an inclusive virtual Fashion Show that raises awareness about and honours the origin of the Red Dress Movement. This virtual fashion show will connect people in a meaningful way during a time we are asked to remain apart. The Fashion Show is gender fluid and non- binary and we welcome all red pieces of clothing.
About the Red Dress Movement
Jamie Black created the red dress project in 2010, describing it as an “aesthetic response” to the issue of violence against Indigenous Women.
Jamie describes the conception of the movement as, “I was at a conference in Germany and women from the First Nations university got up at this Canadian studies conference and started talking about the missing and murdered women in Canada and that was a really powerful moment for me, I imagined all these dresses in trees. I began with the project because, as an artist, I was looking around and seeing that a lot of families who had lost love ones don’t have much of a platform for having their voices heard”.
Red was chosen as it is a very sacred colour to many Indigenous people across Canada. Jamie explained red is the only colour spirits can see: "Red is really a calling back of the Spirits of these women and allowing them a chance to be among us and have their voices heard through their family members and community".
  Click here to watch part 1 of the Red Dress, Dress Red fashion show on TikTok!

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