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                                                     Editorial / Opinion

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                                                         What’s Your F.Q.?

                                                                                                                     did  the  math,  he  surveyed  the  land,  he
               During high school, there is an awareness of                                                          sent scouts out to talk to the people. He
          independent life at its primary stage. Normally, we                                                        was  sure  he  could  win  with  her  by  his
          got our license to drive, we ran errands eagerly just                                                      side…he had faith and trust in God. He
          to drive, we picked out our own clothes, we focused                                                        had been tested many times by God. His
          on one boyfriend or girlfriend, we had best friends,                                                       deceased son worked with his VP choice.      The  Fayetteville  Press
          we wore our hair as desired and taking a TEST was                                                          He had been told about her years prior             Newspaper
          a really important component needed for college, the                                                       to  his  decision  to  run.  He  knew  that  a  “Your  Community  Newspaper”
          military, or getting a J.O.B.! The military and col-                                                       past decision which affected her would
          leges/universities wanted to know our I.Q. (Intelli-                                                       be  to America’s  healing  advantage  in          P.O. Box 9166
          gence  Quotient).  Usually,  the  IQ  is  determined  by                                                   showing  the  world  that  people  can       Fayetteville * NC 28311
          the population being tested; an average score has a                                                        change,  they  grow,  and  they  become
          range from 85 to 115 percent. Do you remember your                                                         more  knowledgeable  of  their  territory;    (910) 323-3120 - Office
          I.Q.?                                                                                                      they are willing to fight the good fight.   E-mail:
                                                                                                                     And there you have it; history has been
                 If you tested today, do you think your quo-                  by  Dr. Mary J. Ferguson               made once again, against all odds. The
          tient would increase or decrease? Certainly, we know      Adjunct Assistant Professor of Leadership & English  path has been cleared for yet another un-  *Publisher - JJ Jones
          a wealth of information now compared to then. We                                                           thinkable test for the faithful and faith-
          as African Americans faced that test with doubt from their test over; maybe you failed think through the prob-  less.  It  is  not  an  easy  path  we  are  em-  *General Manager
          the very beginning. We were profiled as not being lems presented because perhaps your analysis became      barking; it is not two people’s responsi-       Chrystal M. Thomas
          able to perform as highly as Caucasian students. Later, paralysis when you did not know the answer to a chal-  bility. It doesn’t happen majestically. It
          a  study  (The  Bell  Curve,  1994)  was  released  with lenging question.                                 is a united effort which takes time to heal      *Sales Manager
          ludicrous information. During the 1970’s there was                                                         this country. It starts with just a mustard       Dwight Brown
          the National Teacher’s Exam (NTE). Many African            Joshua  and  Caleb  were  sent  by  Moses  to  lead  seed of faith.
          Americans were failing due to not having the train- their army into Jericho. They were against all odds. If                                               *Editor - Jae McKrae
          ing  or  access  to  practice  test.  During  the  primary they did not have faith in God, it would be meaningless  For years as an educator to my older  *Special Corespondent
          stages of the millennium, students were challenged to pursue as ordered. Joshua led his army into the land  students, I stressed the importance of reg-   Queen Degraphenrei
          with the computer skills test and each state had its of the Amalekites. He was up against an army of gigan-  istering to vote. Additionally, on the first
          own proficiency exam, i.e. EOG and EOC for North tic people, surrounded by a strong wall, and fertile land.  day of English class I stood at the door-      Public Relations
          Carolina; the Palmetto Test for South Carolina.  Mi- They  knew  this  information  because  scouts  were  sent  way and distributed Robert Frost’s Poem:  Ms. Roxann Henagan
          norities were on edge again. As a former school ad- for  what  we  call  reconnaissance.  Joshua  believed  he  The Road Not Taken (1916). He wanted
          ministrator, I witnessed in a rural high school student could over-power the Amalekites. Later we learned that  to express that the unpopular, complexed,    *Photgrapher
          praying in the hallways to pass their test; they were his belief started at home. He said, “As for me and my  and sometimes divergent thing to do is        Bruce Carpenter
          profiled as ones most likely not to succeed in passing house, we shall serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). The late  the right thing to do. I asked the students
          the first time around. Conclusively, if you want to U.S. Rep. John Lewis was up against an army of racist  to make sure they framed this poem or         *Account Executives
          hold someone back, give them an unexpected or chal- on  the  Edmund  Pettus  Bridge.  He  and  other  Freedom  slipped  it  in  front  of  their  notebook    Dr. Don Reid
          lenging test.                                       Riders  were  in  trouble…”  good  trouble”  as  he  would  sleeve. We all recited the poem in uni-       Chris Miller
                                                              coin it. When my daughter covered his funeral, she sent  son; I always got emotional during the     ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul
                In retrospect, during the early 1970’s I gradu- me his obituary and two face mask which read, ‘Keep  last lines; we all have had numerous tests
          ated from college in three years and I failed my NTE the Faith’. I am conscious of where I wear those masks.  and  I  knew  they  were  about  to  have  a
          the  first  time  around.  I  noticed  that  many African I do not want to be tested. We are challenged now to  real-life exam….                             *Distribution
          American  females  were  teacher  aides  instead  of have  faith  that  we  as  a  house,  a  community,  a  city,  a                                        Michael Dykes
          teachers.  Six  months  later  I  attended  my  college state and a nation will come together and ‘do the right   “I shall be telling this with a           Nero B. Coleman
          graduation and returned to take the test again, fell thing’; we can practice more to agree to agree and dis-
          asleep on the last part after digesting a heavy lunch agree, lead with exemplification, and trust and believe               sigh,
          and marked Caucasian as my race. I passed with fly- in good faith, Godly faith.                                    Somewhere ages and ages                  *Staff  Chaplain
          ing colors! Because the test was scored by hand dur-                                                                       hence:                           Rev Larry O. Wright
          ing that time, I did not have the faith or trust that I  When  POTUS-46  chose  his  vice  president,  he        Two roads diverged in a wood,
          would pass due to a popular-unpopular ethnic trait. seemed to have faith in God and faith and trust in his                 And I…                                        E-Mail:
          These were times when I think others prayed for me choice.  Her  reputation  preceded  her,  her  mother’s      I took the one less traveled by,     
          more than I prayed for myself. I always prayed for prayers, love, and faith guided her. Another minority fe-       And that has made all the
          others so I guess it balanced out. Little did I know male who previously lost the gubernatorial race decided            difference.”                          Web-Site
          that I possessed the intelligence, but I lacked the faith to scout the land, canonize her experience and warn the  - Robert Frost (1916)      
          in God and the trust in man to score it. I lacked an people  that  if  your  vote  is  not  exercised,  democracy
          F.Q. (faith quotient). What is your F.Q.? We would would be on a road to destruction. The odds were against                                                       For
          all like to range in the hundreds but in all reality, we 46’s campaign. Journalistic research revealed that a high
          are  not  aware  of  our  faith-level  until  it  is  actually percentage of men were not in favor of a minority or a                                       Subscriptions
          tested. Test have been administered since the begin- female becoming VP. Opposing social groups were also                                                         Call
          ning of time. Many have failed and wanted to take up in arms about this unprecedented change. Forty-six                                                    (910) 323-3120

                                                                                              New Year: Happy 2021

                                                                                                                         By Dr. Shanessa Fenner
                                                                        Happy New Year and welcome 2021. Things are different this year due to COVID-19, and the last
                                                              thing anyone is thinking about is setting long-term goals for 2021. This is a time where it is more feasible
                                                              to set short-term goals being that we do know what circumstances will transpire from COVID. Start with
                                                              setting a few short-term goals and a plan of action. Be sure to carve time out of your daily schedule to
                                                              focus on the goal.
                                                                        This is the perfect time to reexamine our lives and see if there is something that we should be
                                                              doing differently. Are we truly happy? Just content? Just living in the moment? The pandemic has allowed
                                                              us to examine all aspects of our lives such as relationships and jobs by spending so much time inside. It
                                                              has revealed things that we needed to know about self along with the importance of maintaining your
                                                              health and mental well-being during a pandemic.
                                                                       The pandemic has also shown how we can have our goals planned out and then life takes over. It is
                                                              also important to have back up plans and save money because jobs can be shut down in the blink of an

                 Shanessa Fenner, Principal                            COVID-19 cases continue to rise and we have to protect ourselves. This is not the time to relax
                                                              from the practices that are routine and in place. As the uncertainty lingers, spend this year being true to
                                                              yourself and making the decisions that are best for your life. There is nothing like having peace of mind.
                                                                   Please follow these 3 important things:
                                                                   1.Pray. During this difficult and uncertain time we must continue to pray and walk by faith and not
                                                              by sight.

                                                                   2.Be thankful for another year. It is a blessing to be given the opportunity to live and see another
                                                              New Year. Know who you are and know your purpose in life.
                                                                   3.Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Wait 6 feet from others. COVID-19 is real and many people
                                                              have lost their lives. We have to follow directions in order to live.
                                                              Happy New Year!
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