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                                  Lafayette Society Establishes an Endowment at FSU

             by Hank Parfitt,
             President Lafayette Society
             For  more  than  150  years,
        Fayetteville  State  University
        (FSU) has provided a quality edu-
        cation for the citizens of this city,
        state  and  nation  as  the  second-
        oldest  public  institution  in  the
        prestigious University of North
        Carolina System. The Lafayette
        Society of Fayetteville is honored
        to establish “The LaFayette So-
        ciety  Endowed  Scholarship”  to
        help FSU continue its legacy of
        learning, teaching, and scholar-

             The Lafayette Society was
        founded in 1981 with an educa-
        tional goal of promoting a better
        understanding of Lafayette’s im-
        portance in American history and
        his  advocacy  for  Emancipation
        and equality for all human kind.
        As  part  of  it  civic  mission,  the
        Lafayette Society also supports
        activities within our community
        that  encourage  leadership,  pa-
        triotism, and generosity - traits
        exemplified  by  Lafayette
        throughout his life.

             Lafayette  left  France  to
        fight for our country’s freedom       Fayetteville Mayor Mitch Colvin presents the FSU Black History Scholars with copies of historian Stanley Idzerda’s France and the American War for Independence  at the
        in the American Revolution at the  Lafayette Society’s annual meeting and luncheon social on March 1. The late Dr. Idzerda was Editor-in-Chief of the Lafayette Papers Project at Cornell University, taught at Michigan
        age of only nineteen and served  State University, served as Dean at Wesleyan University, and as President of the Catholic College of St. Benedict in Minnesota. (Photo by Linda McAlister, Lafayette Society)
        as a Major General under George
        Washington.  Because of his in-
        fluence with King Louis XVI, he
        was  able  to  persuade  the  pow-
        erful nation of France to join us
        as an ally. Lafayette’s leadership         An Important Message from Medicare
        was  key  to  our  victory  at  the
        Battle  of  Yorktown  in  1781,
        which decided the outcome of the
        war in our favor.

             After he returned to France,
        Lafayette fought for equal rights
        for all mankind and he vigorously
        opposed slavery and oppression             Getting your
        in all its forms. In that spirit, the
        Lafayette  Society  has  estab-
        lished  the Lafayette Fund for
        the Study of the Age of Revolu-            flu shot is
        tions, Emancipation, and Civil
        Rights  at  FSU.  The  purpose  of
        this fund is to encourage schol-
        arly  study  of  the  history  of  the     more important
        Americas from the 1790s to the
        present with an emphasis on the
        Black  experience.                         than ever.

             The  Lafayette  Society  has
        already funded a lending library
        for students and sponsored guest
        speakers  on  campus  about
        Lafayette and his support of hu-
        man rights and another about the
        Haitian Revolution. We also de-
        cided  to  start  an  endowment  to
        assure  the  sustainability  of  our       Flu shots are covered
        support  of  FSU  students.  Pro-
        ceeds from the endowment will              by Medicare.
        go toward educational program-
        ming  and  grants  in  partnership
        with the Black History Scholars            The flu can have serious
                                                   complications, especially for
             The endowment must reach
        $25,000 before it can be tapped            people with diabetes, heart
        and it must be fully funded within         disease, and other medical
        five years. To reach that goal, the
        Lafayette Society itself is donat-         conditions. Getting your shot
        ing $2000 a year and is leading a
        fundraising  campaign.  We  are            can help you stay healthy,
        over halfway to that goal in less          protect others, and stop
        than two years thanks to the gen-
        erosity of others. Jimmy Harvey,           the spread.
        radio host at WIDU and a donor
        himself, has graciously given us
        airtime on the radio to talk about
        Lafayette, his support of human
        rights,  and  the  goals  of  the
        Lafayette Society.

             We  hope  readers  will  visit  for
        more information and click on the
        “outreach”  button  for  a  direct
        link to FSU to donate, then scroll         GET YOUR SHOT NOW. IT’S NOT TOO LATE.
        down the alphabetical listing to                                                                                                     Paid for by the U.S. Department
        “The  LaFayette  Society  En-              See your doctor, pharmacy, or other                                                       of Health & Human Services
        dowed  Scholarship.”   You  may            local providers.
        also send a check, written to the
        endowment,  to  FSU Advance-
        ment Services, 1200 Murchison
        Road, Fayetteville NC 28301.
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