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                   Trooper makes Fayetteville Doctor walk six miles to his car

                  By Cash Michaels - Contributing writer                                                                                     five minute period.”
                                                                                                                                                 Other troopers came prepared to force Smith from
                A Fayetteville clinical director who alleges that he                                                                         his vehicle, when he says, a supervisor did come up on
           was illegally racially profiled by a Missouri state highway                                                                       the other side, and asked Smith to produce his driver’s
           patrolman, and later forced to walk approximately 6 miles                                                                         license, which the Black driver slowly and carefully
           to his rental car in the dark of night, has now formally                                                                          did.
           asked the Missouri attorney general and the governor; as                                                                              Then he slowly exited the vehicle, at which point
           well as the city administrator, city council and police chief                                                                     he was thrust against the car by the trooper, had his
           of Platte City, Missouri;  to mount a“formal investigation’                                                                       legs  pushed  open,  bent  over  the  hood,  and  aggres-
           respectively into the incident as his court date soon ap-                                                                         sively told the he was under arrest and tightly hand-
           proaches.                                                                                                                         cuffed.
                Gregory S. Smith, clinical director of PromptCare                                                                                Smith insists that even though he was taken to a
           Clinic in Fayetteville, says that he made the October 15th                                                                        Highway  Patrol  station  to  be  booked,  “I  was  never
           written request after it became clear that attorney he origi-                                                                     given an explanation for being stopped. And I was not
           nally hired to represent him in the case “…isn’t advising                                                                         given a reason for being arrested, nor was I mirandized.”
           or aggressive.”                                                                                                                          In his written petition to Missouri officials to
                Smith feels he had to do something on his own be-                                                                            investigate,  Smith  does  not  go  into  how  badly  his
           cause his case has been moved up from its original No-                       Dr. GREGORY S. SMITH                                 wrists were injured from the handcuffs (he had to go to
           vember 16th date, to now November 9th.                                                                                            the emergency room); how the troopers had a hard time
                “Perhaps  he's  intimidated  by  law  enforcement souri state trooper pulled Smith over on the highway. Smith writes “to this very day, I still have justifying the arrest on forms, but still charged him
           there….,” Smith says of his old attorney, adding that it no clue as to why I was pulled over, and I was given no explanation by the officer.’  $1,040 to not get locked up; and how, after 90 minutes
           was  “ridiculous”  that  he  had  to  “…constantly  contact  All the while, Smith has called 9-1-1 on his cellphone, and is holding his phone in his hand when  no  cab  showd  up,  he  was  forced  to  leave  the
           this guy for updates.”                           on  the  steering  wheel  so  that  his  tense  exchange  with  the  trooper  can  be  both  heard  and Highway Patrol station in the dead of night to find his
                Smith is vigorously trying to secure a new attorney, recorded.                                                               rental car six miles away at a gas station.
           especially with the new court date approaching. In the  The trooper, demanding that the Black motorist produce a driver's license, then makes  Gregory Smith concluded his written petition for
           meantime he is hopeful that the 9-1-1 call and available “…threatening, taunting, baiting, verbal commands [that] gave me the clear impression that he an  investigation  with,  “it  is  my  opinion  that  I  was
           trooper dash cam video of the incident will be able  to help wanted me to make a sudden gesture that would allow him to [shoot] and kill me,” Smith writes. wrongfully stopped, unlawfully arrested and racially
           him plead his case in a Missouri courtroom, and assist Then he states that he demands that a supervisor come to the scene, and he will present his profiled. Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly
           any investigation mounted by officials in the “show-me” license then.                                                             appreciated.”
           state.                                                The trooper then becomes “incensed and irate,” Smith alleges, and threatens to pepper  As has been previously reported in recent years,
                In his written request for a formal investigation - spray him, and the other officers showing up on scene were “…gonna physically drag you you the Missouri State Attorney General’s Office has re-
           duly notarized in Cumberland County -  Smith recounted out of this vehicle, and physically go through yo personal belongings and take yo drivers’ ported that African-Americans have comprised 75-85
           how, on August 6th of this year, he landed in Kansas City license.”Smith writes that he makes sure the 9-1-1 operator is hearing all that is being said, which percent of law enforcement vehicle stops in the state
           from North Carolina and secured his rental car to take him she confirms, and that a supervisor will be on scene momentarily. In the meantime Smith says he of Missouri.The problem is so bad, the state NAACP
           to his hotel in order to rest up for a medical conference he felt as if his life “was in danger” as a more incensed Missouri state trooper “in the most verbally president there issued  a cautionary “travel advisory”
           was attending nearby. It was after midnight when a Mis- violent and hostile way…” continued to “threaten physical abuse and harm…six times within a for out-of-state blacks coming there.

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