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Re-Elect DJ Haire City Council-District 4  November 7th!

                                                      Paid for by The DJ Haire Re-Election Committee

            The Fayetteville Press

                                                                                                                                                                  DJ Haire

        Volumn 34  No. 1                                                                       October   27,  2023  Edition  *  (910) 323-3120-Office                                                                    Fayetteville,  NC

                                                                                           PROVEN LEADERSHIP

                                                                                                  FOR THE PEOPLE &

                                                                                          RESULTS FOR OUR CITY


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                        0;||;u 1oll†mb|‹ =ou ;ˆ;u‹om;ĺ $o bm1u;-v; fo0v -m7 0†bѴ7 o†u

                        Ѵo1-Ѵ ;1omol‹ķ u;Ŋ0u-m7 o†u 1b|‹ķ bmˆ;v| bm o†u r-uhv -m7 o|_;u

                        -l;mb|b;vķ -m7 1oѴѴ-0ou-|; ‰b|_ o†u o|_;u ]oˆ;uml;m|-Ѵ

                        r-u|m;uv -m7 bmv|b|†|bomv |o l-h; ‹o†u |-Š 7oѴѴ-uv ‰ouh _-u7;uĺ

                        $o];|_;u ‰; _-ˆ; -1_b;ˆ;7 l-m‹ o= |_;v; ]o-Ѵv 0†| ‰; v|bѴѴ

                        _-ˆ; ‰ouh |o 7oĺ

                                       Re-Elect Mitch Colvin for Mayor on

                                    Tuesday, November ƕ                                                                                     th


                                                      Paid for by The Committee te Re-Elect  Mitch Colvin Mayor
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