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Page 10                                                                                              The Fayetteville Press October 27, 2023 Edition

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                     Methodist University Cape Fear Valley Health School of Medicine receives

                            $1-million gift from Fayetteville Business Exec/Community Leader

           FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – Methodist University Presi-                                                                                  By the mid-1970s, Bryan had re-created the auto-
      dent  Stanley  T.  Wearden  announced  on  Thursday  that  the                                                                    mobile dealership his father started in 1945 and he became
      Methodist  University  Cape  Fear  Valley  Health  School  of                                                                     president of Bryan Pontiac-Cadillac-Honda Co., leaving
      Medicine has received a $1-million gift from Norwood Bryan                                                                        behind a four-term public service post in the North Caro-
      Jr., a long-time friend and donor to the University and busi-                                                                     lina General Assembly. Bryan has served his community
      ness  executive,  community  leader  and  public  servant  in                                                                     in many capacities, including as trustee of the North Caro-
      Fayetteville, the region, and state. The gift is foundational in                                                                  lina  Environmental  Defense  Fund,  sponsor  for  the  Mu-
      establishing a state-of-the-art medical school that will train                                                                    seum of the Cape Fear Complex, and as chairman of the
      the next generation of health care professionals.                                                                                 U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship Commission. For his ef-
           “Norwood Bryan’s gift is an act of extraordinary and                                                                         forts, Bryan was named Business Person of the Year by
      selfless generosity,” said Wearden. “I have great respect for                                                                     MU in 2002.
      Mr.  Bryan  as  one  of  Fayetteville’s  most  inspiring  success                                                                      “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Norwood Bryan
      stories and as a genuine servant leader in the community. His                                                                     Jr., a generous long-time Methodist University friend and
      $1-million gift to the medical school is a true legacy gift.”                                                                     donor, for his $1-million gift towards the creation of our
            In February of this year, Wearden and Cape Fear Val-                                                                        medical school in Fayetteville,” said Nagowski. “His sup-
      ley Health CEO Michael Nagowski held a press conference                                                                           port aligns perfectly with our mission to provide excep-
      at the McLean Health Science Building on the MU campus                                                                            tional healthcare as well as our value of education, which
      and announced the partnership to form a Methodist Univer-                                                                         enables us to make a lasting impact on our community's
      sity medical school. The new medical school, to be located                                                                        well-being.”
      on the campus of Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, will com-                                                                            MU  is  already  a  top  university  in  the  region  for
      bine the expertise and resources of both institutions to pro-                                                                     higher education in the health sciences, with state-of-the-
      vide students with unparalleled educational and clinical ex-                                                                      art facilities on campus that include a general simulation
      periences.  The  name  of  the  medical  school  was  chosen  to                                                                  hospital,  human  anatomy  lab,  motion  analysis  lab,  and
      recognize and honor Cape Fear Valley Health’s remarkable                                                                          several other labs and facilities housing Physician Assis-
      pledge of long-term financial support.                                                                                            tant,  Physical  Therapy,  Occupational  Therapy,  Nursing,
           “Mr. Bryan’s generosity gives us an exceptional boost                                                                        and other programs.
      in getting the medical school started, and it also will help the                                                                       Since 1997, the master’s-level Physician Assistant
      medical school successfully thrive for many years to come,”                                                                       Program has established itself as one of the top programs
      said Wearden. “I am personally grateful to Mr. Bryan, as is                                                                       of its kind in the country, garnering hundreds of applica-
      the entire Methodist University community.”                                                                                       tions nationwide for its 40-seat cohorts.
            The key goals of MU’s medical education program,
      which currently holds applicant status with the Liaison Com-                                                                           The MU Nursing Program offers a pre-licensure BSN
      mittee on Medical Education (LCME) and hopes to have its                                                                          and  graduate  programs  for  working  nurses  interested  in
      first class of M.D. students in 2026, are to educate a diverse                                                                    administration. The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
      population of expertly trained medical doctors attentive to                                                                       has established a track record of high student performance.
      the needs of rural and underserved populations, and to be-                                                                        The  Doctor  of  Occupational  Therapy  Program  was  the
      come a national leader in interprofessional, team-based medi-                                                                     first fully accredited, entry-level doctoral program in oc-
      cal education.                                                                                                                    cupational therapy in the state of North Carolina, and a
           “I am glad to support this remarkable project that will  Cape Fear Valley Health CEO Michael Nagowski (left) and Methodist   bachelor’s-level  program  training  occupational  therapy
      bring extraordinary benefits to the Fayetteville area,” said  University President Stanley T. Wearden speak during February's     assistants (OTAs) began enrolling students in Fall 2023.
      Bryan. “I encourage others to put their oar in the water at     announcement of the proposed medical school.                      Additionally, MU offers a selection of health care degrees
      this stage of the campaign.”                                                                                                      online  for  students  who  are  looking  for  a  more  flexible

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