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Page 6                                                                                      The Fayetteville Press October 27, 2023 Edition

                              Murchison Choice Neighborhood Plan Wins

                                          “Advancing Equity” Award for City

            (Fayetteville, N.C.) – The City of Fayetteville was
        awarded the 2023 North Carolina Marvin Collins Award in
        the “Advancing Equity” category from the North Carolina
        chapter of the American Planning Association (APA-NC) for
        the Murchison Choice Neighborhood Plan.

            This award recognizes a project or program that mean-
        ingfully involves historically underrepresented groups, posi-
        tively impacts quality of life for low or moderate-income
        individuals and achieves planning objectives that address
        structural inequities.                                                           Committed to

            "It was important to council that we approached plan-
        ning for a majority minority community and home to a His-
        torically Black College and University with a sense of eq-
        uity and respect for the diversity that makes our community
        great," said Economic and Community Development Direc-                    saving you more
        tor Chris Cauley. “Receiving this award validates the plan
        we created with our community at the center, supporting our
        City Council’s goals,”                                                               Learn more at

            Cauley and representatives from the Murchison Choice
        Planning Team received the award from APA-NC at the an-
        nual state conference on Oct. 11, in Durham.

            The Choice Plan is a guide for the revitalization of the
        public housing units while simultaneously directing posi-
        tive transformation along the Murchison Road Corridor. It
        is part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
        Development’s (HUD) Choice Neighborhood initiative
        (CNI). The CNI employs a comprehensive approach to neigh-
        borhood transformation focused on housing, people and

            The Murchison Choice Neighborhood is a partnership
        between the City of Fayetteville led by the Economic and
        Community Development Department, the Fayetteville
        Metropolitan Housing Authority (FMHA), HUD, with co-
        ordination provided by COLLABO.

            About the Murchison Choice Neighborhood Plan
            In December 2020, the City of Fayetteville, in partner-
        ship with FMHA, was awarded a HUD Choice Neighbor-
        hoods Planning Grant for the Murchison neighborhood.
        Through the Grant, the City and FMHA worked with resi-
        dents and community stakeholders, including nonprofits,
        faith-based organizations, anchor institutions, supportive
        services agencies, businesses and others to create a forward-
        looking Transformation Plan with a strong commitment to
        diversity and inclusion.

            The Plan is centered on redevelopment of FMHA’s
        Murchison Townhouses, which includes 60 units of low-in-
        come housing. The CNI Plan is intended to replace 100%
        of those housing units within the neighborhood or in other
        areas of opportunity as part of new mixed-income develop-

            The City of Fayetteville is a dynamic, culturally-rich
        community committed to high performance, transparency
        and innovation. Directly adjacent to Fort Liberty,
        Fayetteville is home to more than 208,000 residents. The
        mission of the City is to provide sustainable, high-quality
        public services for our communities to thrive and busi-
        nesses to grow. With creative energy, vibrant history and
        compassionate people, Fayetteville always finds a way.
        That's why we are America’s Can Do City. To learn more
        about the City of Fayetteville and City departments or ser-
        vices, please visit or follow us on
        Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.
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