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            Volumn 32  No. 6                                                                                 June /July 2021 Edition  *  (910) 323-3120-Office                                                                       Fayetteville, NC

                            Have a Plan in Place for Hurricane Season

               With the onset of hurricane season, we’re always hopeful                                                              • Portable battery charger for cell phones and tablets
          we can avoid weather’s wrath. However, the unfortunate events                                                              • Plastic sheeting (tarp), garbage bags, and
          of recent years – Matthew in 2016 and Florence in 2018 – are                                                                   containers with plastic lids
          harsh reminders that we can’t always count on Mother Nature                                                                • Change of cloths
          to  cooperate.                                                                                                             • Personal hygiene items
               Having a prudent plan in place and being thoroughly pre-                                                              Other  important  reminders
          pared can help you and your family stay safe and avoid or miti-                                                            • Have an emergency plan for infants, elderly, pets
          gate damage in the event of severe weather or another emer-                                                            and those with special needs
          gency.                                                                                                                     • Become  familiar  with  safety  tips  and  emergency
               At  Fayetteville  PWC  we  have  aggressive  and  proactive                                                       preparation  information  on  our  website  –  select  Outage
          emergency response plans, ready to implement when faced with                                                           Central on the PWC home page
          a hurricane or other disaster. Our crews are always prepared                                                               • During a power outage, remember to keep your re-
          to swing into action, as soon as it is safe, and work around the                                                       frigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to
          clock to restore your service.                                                                                         maintain the cold temperature. A refrigerator should keep
               To keep you “in the know,” we also have our new Electric                                                          food cold for about four hours if the door is kept shut. A
          Outage Map that shows the location of all current power out-                                                           full freezer should hold its temperature for up to 48 hours.
          ages in our service area, and a new electric outage notification                                                           • Be  sure  PWC  has  your  current  phone  number  so
          system. For details, please visit PWC’s Electric Outage Map                                                            our emergency system can identify you if you call. You can
          webpage  at                                                                      update your information on our website, or call Customer
               Be  sure  to  check  your  mail  for  a  FREE  copy  of  PWC’s                                                    Service at 910-483-1382 between 7am-8pm.
          Annual Storm Preparation Guide, or call PWC at 910-223-4009                                                                • To report a power outage or an emergency, such as
          to request a complimentary copy by mail. The digital version of                                                        a tree limb on a power line or a water main break, call our
          the Storm Prep Guide is also available on PWC’s website.                                                               emergency hotline 24/7 at 1-877-OUR-PWC1.
                                                                                                                                     Medical  Priority  Program  (please make this stand
                   Plan ahead for all the members of your family:                                                                out – put in a sidebar)
               • Battery-powered radio                                                                                               Power  can  be  more  than  a  convenience,  for  some
               • Flashlight                                                                                                      people it is a medical necessity. PWC provides a Medical
               • Extra batteries                                                                                                 Priority Program to customers who require life-sustaining
               • 3-day supply of water for each person in your                                                                   equipment which is dependent on electric and/or water ser-
                   household                                                                                                     vice. Sign up to receive early advisement and priority res-
               • Non-perishable foods                                                                                            toration  consideration  in  the  event  of  a  scheduled  emer-
               • Manual can opener                                                                                               gency interruption of service. PWC requires the customer
               • Medications and a first-aid kit                                                                                 and customer’s physician to complete a Medical Priority
               • Cash (ATMs and card readers may not work)                                                                       application which can be found on the Residential Programs
                                                                                                                                 page on the PWC website.

                  Krab Kingz Spring Lake - “The Bess” Seafood in Town

                             Story & Photo by                                                                                                 to name a few items on the menu.
                        ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul                                                                                                     Visit to review the
               The newest seafood Kingz and Queens have                                                                                       menu.  Orders may also be placed on Grub
          arrived in North Carolina straight out of Miami,                                                                                    Hub, Seamless, menufy, and Uber Eats if de-
          FL and boy is Spring Lake and the surrounding                                                                                       livery is a better option for you and your fam-
          areas happy. The Bess Family members are the                                                                                        ily.
          owners of the local Krab Kingz franchise.  Jahmane                                                                                      Overall I’m impressed with what I’ve
          Bess, who is also a  Marine Veteran, is the second                                                                                  seen with Jahmane, Elijah, Alexandra and the
          oldest of 13 children who are living out their                                                                                      whole staff at Krab Kingz Spring Lake.  The
          dreams of owning several restaurants that are apart                                                                                 Bess family is new to the town, but they are
          of the Krab Kingz franchise, which is expanding                                                                                     very open to collaborating with other busi-
          to Winston Salem later this year.  Krab Kingz has                                                                                   ness owners in Cumberland County.
          been met with an unwavering show of support from                                                                                        They  are  currently  setting  up  their
          the Town of Spring Lake and the residents of                                                                                        fundraising and community give back pro-
          Cumberland County as a whole since their grand                                                                                      grams for youth sports teams. Speaking of
          opening in April 2021.                                                                                                              collaborations, Krab Kingz Spring Lake has
                                                                                                                                              teamed up with Marley’s Café and Lounge
                I have dined at Krab Kingz on more than                                                                                       and The Mo You Know to produce “Krabz
          one occasion and can testify to the quality and                                                                                     and Kocktailz Day Porty” at 6228 Yadkin Rd
          tastiness of the crab legs, shrimp, pasta, gumbo,                                                                                   Fayetteville, NC Saturday, July 10 from 2-
          and my personal favorite, the surf and turf fries                                                                                   6pm.
          which are out of this world. The Bess family is on                                                                                      On Behalf of The Fayetteville Press
          a mission to be as big or bigger than the current                                                                                   Newspaper, we wish Krab Kingz Spring
          seafood restaurants in the industry.  They are com-                                                                                 Lake  the best of luck on all of their future
          mitted to serving the best and fresh Cajun sea-                                                                                     endeavors.
          food to their customers which include seafood plat-                                                                                       Please  visit  them  at  400  S.  Main
          ters that include snow crabs, king crab, lobster                 Alexandra, Elijah and Jahmane Bess                                 Street Spring Lake, NC,   call  (910) 294-
          tails, fried fish, fried and grilled shrimp, pasta just                       (910) 294-6440                                        6440 for hours of operations.
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