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                                                                    worship leader under the direction of Helen Caesar. Knowing that              Obituaries
                                                                    he was anointed by God from his mother’s womb, William started
                                                                    to  follow  his  calling  for  ministry.  He  developed  strong  relation-
                                                                    ships  with  and  played  for  a  plethora  of  music  industry  artists,  Kevin Slocumb      Jaziel Williams
                                                                                                                                                                  Sam Royal
                                                                                                                                         Orlanda Martin
                                                                    Bishops,  Pastors,  Churches  and  groups  worldwide.  In  2015,  he  Mary Alice Gill         Howard Harvey
                                                                    began  his  own  Gospel  group  named  “William  Earl  Smith  & The  Callie F Hawkins         Authur Jackson
                                                                    Shabach  Movement”  showing  his  true  talent  as  the  praise  and  Imani Rasheedah Hasan   Deon Elliot
                                                                    worship  leader  he  had  become.  Earl’s  ear  for  music  is  apparent  Shawn Ricky Thompson  Sandra Exum
                                                                    when you listen to the over 100 original songs he has written and    Clarence Lamb            Luisa Melendez
                                                                    performed.  He  most  recently  released  his  first  single  “For  The  Mrs. Sandra Kay      Delores Lyons
                                                                    Rest  of  My  Life”  which  is  a  testament  to  his  unbreakable  rela-  Baldwin            Roseline Mckinney
                                                                    tionship  with  God!  His  reach  was  far  and  wide  and  most  effec-  George Tyree        Vivian Bridges
                                                                    tive  under  the  grooming  and  guidance  of  his  spiritual  mother,  Ashanti Mcneil        Preston White
                                                                    Apostle Carolyn Hicks who he had met early in his teenage years      Ernest Baldwin           Ethel Simmons
                                                                    while singing with his spiritual sister, Angel in South View High    Ella Louise Anderson     Geraldine McLaurin
                                                                    School  Gospel  Choir.                                               Willie James Miller             William Taylor
                                                                         Earl had the ability to birth worship songs right on the spot   Billie Thompson          Lee Council
                                                                    in  the  midst  of  a  high  praise!  He  gave  out  of  his  soul  each  and  Michael Hayes  Wardell Hayes
                                                                    every time he ministered, both from the pulpit and from the keys,    Will Mitchell Sr.        Jimmie Mcmillan
                                                                    and  in  doing  so,  many  hearts  were  delivered  and  souls  set  free!  Terri Jeanty      Katie Gainy
                                                                    His voice was anointed to usher in God’s Holy Spirit every time      William Smith            Jackie Mcdonald
                                                                    he sang! Not only did he touch people with his music, but Earl’s     Sharon Scott             Mary Rutledge
              Prophet William Earl Smith II                         spirit  and  sense  of  humor  gained  him  an  extended  family  like  Harold Blauser        Althat Brunson
                                                                    none  other!  It  is  almost  impossible  to  fathom  how  one  person  Chester Payton Jr     Debra Edens
                 Our  Beloved, William  Earl  Smith  II  graduated  to  his  could  develop  close  bonds  with  such  a  vast  array  of  people  and            Willie Phox
          heavenly body on Sunday June 6, 2021. Born to William E. &  personalities! This truly speaks to his character and his humble-  Jakezz Johnson           Ira Johnson
                                                                                                                                         Delinda Odom
          Michelle B. Smith on August 30, 1982 Earl was the youngest  ness. He loved people with the heart of God and welcomed them      Garland Brown            Freddie Burnett
          and  only  brother  to  3  sisters.  He  received  his  High  School  to  do  the  same  with  others!                         Armendariz Evans         Lucille Wormack
          diploma in 2001 from South View High. Inspired by his Uncle    Earl  loved  to  help  people,  which  was  why  he  worked  with  Beaulah Carver        Betty Fields
          Tyrone,  Earl  began  learning  how  to  play  the  drums  at  the  group homes when he wasn’t ministering. Over the years he also  Thomas Roberson     Rudolph Ellerbe
          very young age of 3 at Revival Center Church of God in Christ  enjoyed  working  as  Night Auditor  in  the  Hotel  Industry,  lastly  Kenneth Young    Florence Mckinnon
          under  the  leadership  of  the  Late  Great  Superintendent  C.D.  employed with Tru by Hilton, Fayetteville I-95.            Anika Wahsington         Arcaster Philyaw
          McNeill, where Earl used to sweat out his clothes mimicking    William  leaves  to  hold  and  cherish  these  lovely  memories,  Carrie Bain           Walter Butler
          the Late Reverend’s shouting and preaching styles. He found  his father and mother, 3 sisters; Sonya Smith of Hope Mills, NC,  Michael Mckoy Jr.        Louis Manuel
          a  permanent  seat  over  in  the  musicians’  corner  where  he  Linda  Caesar  (Mario)  of  Fayetteville,  NC,  and  Zaneta  Smith  of  Avery Meadows  Stevie Whitted
          watched  with  intensity  the  incomparable  Missionary  Ruth  Hope  Mills,  NC,  2  nephews;  Larry  Hannans  III  of  Hope  Mills,  Pearl Bassett     Ronald Santes
          Shephard as she would make the organ sing and lead the choir  NC  and  Petty  Officer  2nd  Class  Hezekiah  Smith  Naval  Base  of  William Eddings    Eddie Drake
          into  high  worship  and  shabach  praise  service  after  service  San  Diego,  CA;  3  nieces,  Sonae  Smith  of  Hope  Mills,  NC, Asia  Gwenyanna Hair  Julius Mcdonald
          year  in  and  year  out.  Little  did  we  know  this  would  be  the  Hannans of Fayetteville, NC and Zariah McGrady Smith of Hope  Dexter Boykin     Jackqueline Mcdonald
          start of his predestined journey to become the Musician, Min-  Mills,  NC;  3  uncles,  Robert  Smith  (Late  Carolyn)  and  Tyrone  Gartha Ingram Sr.             James Pearson
          ister  of  Music,  Minister,  Praise  Leader,  and  Prophet  that  we  Green  of  Fayetteville,  NC  ,  Michael  Busch  (Margaret)  of  Kannan Cook-Melth  David Riddle
          all  grew  to  love,  respect  and  care  for.            Highpoint, NC; 1 Aunt, Diane Berry of Philadelphia, PA, an adopted   Clifton Forbes Sr.       Mary Deshazo
                 As  a  young  teenager,  Earl  moved  on  with  his  family  Grandmother;  Tholinda  Franklin  of  Fayetteville,  NC,  and  a  host  Anthony Jones Sr.  Ronald Mcleod Sr.
          to  attend  Refreshing  Springs  Ministry  C.O.G.I.C.  where  he  of  Great Aunts  and  Great  Uncles,  cousins,  extended  family  and  Robert Cheatham  John Foye Sr.
          continued to develop his musical skills. This is where he re-  friends! To say he will be missed is an understatement! Rest well  Rev. Adrienne Newton  Patrick Normen
          ally began to gain an understanding of how to be a praise and  son,  brother  and  ‘Best’  friend!!                            Deonte Underwood Sr      John Mislap
                                                                                                                                         Larry Locks              Evander Ivey Sr.
                                                                                                                                         James Roseboro           Enoch White Sr
          WISEMAN MORTUARY INC.                                           Metropolitan Crematorium, Inc.                                                          Leonard Hicks Jr.

                                                                           3809 Raeford Road Suite B *Fayetteville, NC
          431 Cumberland Street * Fayetteville, NC 28301                 Phone: (910) 339-8010 * Fax (910) 339-8020                           A Bouquet Florist
               "Dignified, Professional  And  Friendly  Service                                                                           Located in the Old Tucker Florist’s Building
                        Within  The  Means  Of  All"
                                                                                                                                            Next to Suburban Mart * (910) 488-2312
                                                                                                                                         "We do fresh & silk flowers  for all occasions"
                                                                                                                                             2112 Murchison Road * Fayetteville, NC 28301

                                                                             * Full Services by funeral director and staff
                                                                            *Local transfer of deceased to the crematory
                                                                      *Preparing and filing all necessary certificates and permits
                                                                       *The cremation process perfomed at our on site facility
                        Lenora & Tryphina Wiseman                       *Onsite virtual viewing at start of cremation
                          (910) 483-7111
                       Complete Insurance Protection                                                                      Calvin & Agnes Smith
                 Over 45 Years Of Experience & Services                                                                                                                   Owners
                Licensed Embalmers and Funeral Directors                                                     10% OFF With This AD!

                                                                                 Cunningham Mortuary &

                                                                                       Cremations, Inc

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                                                                           Phone: (910) 433-2616 * Fax (910) 485-4059

                    erring Funeral Care & Cremations
             2720 Murchison Road * Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301
            (910) 488-6217 * Fax: (910) 488-9387
                Our motto is to provide quality, compassionate care
                 exceeding expectations during your time of need.
          "It's better to know us and not need us than to need us and not know us."
                                                                                Family and Veteran Owned

                                                                                         and Operated
                                                                              “Professional Caring Services”

                                                                              Traditional & Memorial Services
                                                                                         Military Honors

                                                                     Cremations * Monuments  * Pre Arrangements!
                                                                                   Crematory on the premise
                                                                                   Large Chapel 300 seating
                                                                                        Live Streaming

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