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The Fayetteville Press June/July 2021 Edition                                                                                                Page 3

                          Makayla Parker selected as recipient of the 2021

                              A Plus Home Health Care Agency Scholarship

              Over  the  past  years,  Miss  Makayla                                                                                        truly believes that a solution like becom-
         Parker has dedicated her selfless service in                                                                                       ing a nurse would make the world a better
         many different ways. She assumed the posi-                                                                                         place,  even  if  it  is  in  a  small  way.  Her
         tion of hostess to volunteer for many needed                                                                                       grandmother,  Lorise  Parker,  a  30-year
         causes in our state. To name a few: she set                                                                                        Registered Nurse, inspired her to pursue
         up for a senior night, a dress-up prom for                                                                                         nursing.
         senior citizens, helped with BINGO and do-                                                                                              Learning and discovering innovative
         nated prizes on several occasions.                                                                                                 ways to help her community and the world
              She  has  donated  numerous  clothing                                                                                         is her passion, and now that she knows how
         items and food to the First Baptist Church.                                                                                        she wants to do it, she is even more ex-
         She  personally  purchased  gifts  for  small                                                                                      cited about her future. All of this is why
         children and teenagers in 2019. She did a                                                                                          the  committee  at  “A  Plus  Home  Health
         prom for the developmentally delayed indi-                                                                                         Care Services” selected her to be one of
         viduals serving as a hostess at the First Bap-                                                                                     the recipients of the 2021 A Plus Home
         tist Church.                                                                                                                       Health Care Agency Scholarship this year.
              At Brentwood Nursing Home, she pur-                                                                                           Congratulations!
         chased  Mother’s  Day  cards  and  gifts  for                                     Makayla Parker                                        Makayla Parker is a proud graduate of
         thirty mothers and delivered them to the pa-                                                                                       Falls Lake Academy High School Class of
         tients. She has completed many other mis-         has always brought her immense joy, so she began to figure out how her           2021.  Makayla  will  be  attending  Wake
         sions as a volunteer, which speaks volumes        purpose would align with her future professional career from the onset           Technical Community College in the fall
         of this young lady who has been a true bea-       of high school.                                                                  and plans to study Nursing.
         con to the Oxford and Butner area.                     Makayla’s number one goal in life is to take care of herself and                 For more information on Makayla
              She has been involved in Relay for Life      become a nurse to make a difference in the healthcare field. A close             parker Scholarship call Therese Frett at
         for as long as she can remember. She has a        second is to provide for the people in her community who cannot do for           A Plus Home Health Agency: (910) 551-
         passion for cancer patients. Helping others       themselves, and her nursing degree will allow her to do just that. She           3331

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