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                                                     Editorial / Opinion

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                  Vote NO to Fear ….. Referendum

               The  George  Floyd"  case  brought  our
          world together to acknowledge the sins of our                                                                                                           The  Fayetteville  Press
          past ... however it appears there are some that                                                                                                               Newspaper
          would have political and social progress by-                                                                                                           “Your  Community  Newspaper”
          pass Fayetteville... much like I 95 did many
          years  ago.  That  decision  minimized  our                                                                                                                  P.O. Box 9166
          growth and resulted in the loss of hundreds                                                                                                             Fayetteville * NC 28311
          of millions of dollars. Disregarding the les-                                                                                                            (910) 323-3120 - Office
          sons learned by the George Floyd case and                                                                                                    
          it’s impact upon our society ignores the ben-                                                                                                          E-mail:
          efits of love and unity that resulted from the
          incident in favor of fear and divisiveness. Dis-                                                                                                          *Publisher - JJ Jones
          regarding the realities of desperate treatment                                                                                                             *General Manager
          and institutional racism upon African Ameri-                                                                        Nero B. Coleman                        Chrystal M. Thomas
          cans in our country and around the world                      By Atty Allen W. Rogers                                    Rock The Vote
          would be a missed opportunity for solutions                   (910) 433-0833                                          (910) 574-3577                        *Sales Manager
          greater equality and understanding.                                                                                                                          Dwight Brown
               Our former Mayor Tony Chavonne is
          leading a campaign of Fear. He recently sent    essary to mention that the unrest was related to the       like  those  of  my  brother  Nero             *Editor - Jae McKrae
          out a letter which stated on May 30th a riot-   George Floyd case whose family lives in this area and      Coleman who always kept Juneteenth            *Special Corespondent
                                                                                                                                                                    Queen Degraphenrei
          ous group attempted to burn down the Mar-       whose funeral was held near our county line. Perhaps       ( long before the national holiday )
          ket House thus threatening the safety of his    he didn’t realize that the cities of  Raleigh and Char-    alive with his rock the vote we can have           Staff Writer
          family across the street and nearly 8 build-    lotte had riots with damages to the downtown area that     better leadership. Getting better qual-            “JC” Hepner
          ings away and 5 farther than my own office at   were in excess of a million dollars. It also may be true   ity candidates occurs when we all par-
          111 Bow street. ( Much closer to the market     that he didn’t realize that the riots in Raleigh went on   ticipate in the process. It occurs when          Bruce Carpenter
          house ) The letter complained that neither the  for many nights with businesses shut down for weeks.       in the words of the port
          Fayetteville police or Fayetteville fire de-    Fayetteville leadership on the other hand not only suc-         Woodyard Kipling in his poem             *Account Executives
          partment of responded responsibly. He fur-      cessfully thwarted a more devastating problem the Char-    “If “.                                             Dr. Don Reid
          ther suggested that the Mayor, Police Chief     lotte leadership contacted Mayor Colvin. The Charlotte          “ if all men count but none too               Chris Miller
          and other leadership were no where to be        leadership was curious as to how Fayetteville so suc-      much “ With that perhaps our former          ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul
          found. The letter goes on to say that the dys-  cessfully dealt with the Floyd crisis and sought insights  Mayor too can begin to heal and ac-               *Distribution
          functional council is a year later still arguing  on  how  he  and  Chief  Hawkins  did  it.  I’m  sure  Mr  cept the growth and prosperity of Faith         Michael Dykes
          about tearing the Market house down. He         Chavonne did not realize that few if any council mem-      politics over Fear politics. The Civil           Nero B. Coleman
          speaks of an increased murder rate ; crime      bers desire to have the Market House destroyed. It ap-     Rights Museum in Atlanta provides a
          rate, police shortages and people leaving the   pears that this movement and fear referendum are in-       display of the hundreds of activists’            *Staff  Chaplain
          city. He then appeals to notions of preserva-   deed a vote for that same fear that Officer Derek Chauvin  that worked fearlessly and to their det-                 Bishop
          tion stating it’s a critical moment in history  hoped to poison the minds of a jury and society with as    riment and even death protecting the             Larry O. Wright
          and their needs to be a change on the struc-    he kept his knee on George Floyd neck for nearly 10        privileges of voting for all people. A
          ture  of  our  city  council. A  structure  that  mins. In that this extreme tactic did not work for Of-   close look however reveals a diverse                          E-Mail:
          would allow for six at large seats so that ev-  ficer Chauvin and we cannot let this fear based politics   group of people that was substantially    
          ery citizen could vote on the composition of    tactic succeed in dividing us here in Fayetteville.        non African American. ( as many as
          the majority of the seats on the city council .                                                            50%) So I ask you as a community to                Web-Site
          Some regard this campaign as just as a ploy          The world is a better place because it paused to look  share this message and please join us
          to use economic power to purchase six coun-     at what has become standard unfair treatment of too        in avoiding celebrating yesterday with
          cil seats.                                      many African American men and women in police cus-         new Jim Crow tactics…. Vote “No”                      For
                                                          tody and around the world. We too have an opportunity      to Fear and Vote No to the referen-             Subscriptions
                                                          to grow and learn from this experience. We do need
               Perhaps when this particular fear tactic                                                              dum …                                                 Call
          was chosen Mr Chavonne did not feel it nec-     better leadership in many areas and because of efforts                                                     (910) 323-3120

                                                                                            Safety Tips for Summer Fun

                                                                Hello summer! We are so happy to see you. Even though summer can be a lot of fun, there are certain precautions and safety measures
                                                               that should be followed. Please take heed to these important tips:
                                                               Basic Summer Safety Tips
                                                               1. Stay hydrated. Be sure to have your child drink plenty of liquids throughout the day.
                                                               2. Protect your skin. Use sunscreen with an SPF value of 15 or higher before going outside.
                                                               3. Protect your eyes. Wear sunglasses when you are outside to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
                                                               4. Limit your time in the sun. The sun’s rays are most intense from 10 am – 2 pm.
                                                               Heat Safety
                                                               1. Heat stroke- occurs when the body’s ability to sweat fails and your body temperature rises to a dangerous level quickly.
                                                               2. Heat exhaustion- occurs when the body loses an excessive amount of salt and water.
                                                               3. Heat cramps- muscle spasms that affect the legs or abdominals after physical activity. Excessive sweating reduces salt levels in the body
                                                               resulting in heat cramps.
                                                               Swimming Safety
                                                               1. There should always be adult supervision when children are swimming.
                                                               2. Never swim alone as an adult.
                                                               3. Never try to save someone by jumping in yourself. Throw them objects they can hold on to.
                                                               4. Learn how to swim. Children should start swimming lessons as soon as possible. Children should wear swim vests to help them stay
                                                               afloat in the water.
            By Dr. Shanessa Fenner, Principal                  5. Never swim when there is lightning or a storm.
                                                               Boating Safety
                                                               1. Always wear a life jacket and everyone in the boat should have a life jacket.
                                                               2. Do not drive a boat under the influence of alcohol.
                                                               3. Watch or listen for inclement weather.
                                                               4. Know the procedures and protocol if the boat capsizes or someone falls overboard.
                                                               5. Keep a safe distance from swimmers and other boaters.
                                                               Insect Safety
                                                               1. Use a bug spray that contains DEET or a naturally derived product. Consult your child’s pediatrician before using these products on them.
                                                               2. Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt to protect you from ticks and mosquitos.
                                                               3. Check frequently for ticks if you are outside and in the woods.
                                                               4. See a doctor if you have symptoms of Lyme Disease (ticks) and those symptoms include fever, aches, and fatigue. Symptoms of Rocky
                                                                Mounted Spotted Fever (ticks) include fever, aches, nausea, and vomiting.
                                                               Have a safe, fun, and happy summer!
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