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                                                             Ms. Stephanie H. Crosby

             Ms. Stephanie H. Crosby, affectionally known                                                                                      mired through her work with the church hospital-
        as “Rea” or “Little Rill,” was born May 27, 1965, in                                                                                   ity group.  As a member of this group, Stephanie
        Fayetteville, North Carolina, and transitioned on July                                                                                 refused to accept commonplace or the ordinary as
        31, 2020, in Spring Lake, North Carolina.  She was the                                                                                 it pertained to what she deemed her creations, as
        child of Bertha Hill Crosby and Jonathan Gray, Sr.                                                                                     these rooms, tables and gifts were often praised
        As a child, Stephanie spent significant portions of                                                                                    for their originality and distinction.  Furthermore,
        her formative years in the care of her maternal grand-                                                                                 Stephanie demanded that hospitality team mem-
        mother, the late Lossie P. Hill.  This early association                                                                               bers adopt and employ similar standards in their
        greatly contributed to Stephanie’s adored demeanor                                                                                     work, and because of her guidance, that ministry
        and “old soul.”                                                                                                                        will continue to thrive while servicing the guests
             Shortly after her birth, Stephanie’s mother in-                                                                                   of Williams Chapel Church.
        troduced her to Christianity, however, the decision                                                                                         Among  those  who  remain  to  cherish  her
        to  dedicate  her  life  to  Christ  and  his  service,  was                                                                           memory are as follows:  her parents,  Bertha Crosby
        hers alone.  To this end, Stephanie worked in minis-                                                                                   of Hope Mills, North Carolina and Jonathan Gray
        try all of her life and was diligently working in the                                                                                  (Celeste) of Bronx, New York; her siblings Cecil
        Lord’s House at the time of her demise.                                                                                                Gray  of  Merchantville,  New  Jersey,  Ronald  C.
             Early in life, Stephanie excelled in academics                                                                                    Crosby, Jr. (DeLisa) of Fayetteville, North Caro-
        and developed an affinity and a unique understand-                                                                                     lina, Margaret Tippens (Justin) of Clayton, North
        ing of numbers.  Her natural fondness for numbers                                                                                      Carolina, Jonathan Gray, Jr. (India) of Stratford,
        dictated that she always served as the scorekeeper                                                                                     Virginia, Lourdes Alloway-Gray of Graystone, Geor-
        and/or banker in any game in which she participated.                                                                                   gia,  Patricia  Hargrove,  Alonzo  Hargrove
        Additionally, this affection later cemented her career                                                                                 (Gwendolyn), Crystal Gray, Zena Gray, Anthony
        path as an accountant and tax professional.                                                                                            Gray, all of Bronx, New York; and a host of aunts,
             Upon the untimely passing of the family patri-                                                                                    uncles, nieces, nephews and friends.
        arch, Ronald Crosby, Sr., the household moved from  of Science Degree in 1998 from Fayetteville State University.                           Ernest Hemingway is credited with saying,
        New York City and settled in Hope Mills, North Caro-  As a gifted accounting specialist, Stephanie was employed in various capacities prior to “every person’s life ends the same way.  It is only
        lina.  Stephanie would later graduate from South View  founding Crosby’s Taxes & Accounting, in Fayetteville, North Carolina. What began as a modest, the details of how she lived and how she died that
        Senior High School, Hope Mills, North Carolina in  mobile tax preparation service was so well received that it developed into a prominent business distinguishes one person’s life from another.”  If
        1983 and was committed to continuing her formal edu-  center that provided accounting and tax services to various professionals, businesses and churches those  sentiments  are  accurate,  we  can  all  agree
        cation.  Although, the family had limited resources,  in the region.  This center, Taxes-R-Us, was Stephanie’s brainchild and was established with the that there has never been, nor will there ever be,
        Stephanie refused to allow these financial challenges  goal of providing its clients with exceptional, personalized services while maintaining the highest anyone like Stephanie H. “Rea” “Little Rill” Crosby.
        to thwart her desire to obtain a college degree.  Ac-  levels of integrity and excellence.  It is beyond dispute that Stephanie surpassed that goal.  May God continue to heal our hearts.
        cordingly,  after  graduating  high  school,  Stephanie  As alluded to previously, ministry was always an integral part of Stephanie’s life and other
        embarked on what would become a 15 year journey  than caring for her mother, little was of more importance to her.   As a longtime member of Williams  Services  Entrusted  to:
        to obtain a college degree.  This journey commenced  Chapel Church, located in Spring Lake, North Carolina, Stephanie served in various capacities and  Colvin Funeral Home
        at Winston-Salem State University, made a brief stop  auxiliaries to include Sunday School Instructor, Church Bookkeeper, member of the small group  2010 Murchison Road * Fayetteville, NC
        at Fayetteville Technical Community College, but was  ministry, member of the singles ministry and member of the young adult choir.  However, her      (910)  488-6047
        ultimately completed when she earned her Bachelor  discerning eye for detail and commitment to excellence were perhaps most appreciated and ad-


                                                              MADE EASY

                                                                                       for our

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