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Page 6                                                                                 The Fayetteville Press September/October 2020 Edition

                                           Church News & More

                           Hunger Action Month: “Feeding 5,000 at 500”

                             New Initiative joins Fight Against Food Insecurity with Mobile Food Giveaway

               FAYETTEVILLE  – A  global
           pandemic. Forty million unemployed

           in  the  United  States.  Foreclosed
           homes.          Broken           families.
           Homelessness. Hunger. Sadly, these

           are many of the sobering news head-
           lines of 2020, but where some see

           struggle, others see an opportunity for
           God’s mercy to flow through the lives
           of ordinary people who are willing to

           share their gifts and resources in ex-
           traordinary times.

               For  this  reason,  The  Sherri
           Arnold-Graham Foundation  has

           joined the battle against food insecu-
           rity by launching an initiative called,

           “Feeding 5,000 at 500.” On Mon-
           day, September 14, 2020, the Foun-
           dation, in partnership with La Fogata

           Restaurant, will kick-off the program
           with a mobile food giveaway being

           held from Noon to 2:00 p.m. at La                                                “The Sherri Arnold-Graham Foundation
           Fogata,  located  at  500  North                                           Feeding 5,000 at 500.” On Monday, September 14, 2020,
           McPherson            Church          Road,              Call (910) 323-5774 or visit the Foundation’s official website at

           Fayetteville, North Carolina.
               Homestyle  Columbian  and/or                compass to build community

           vegetarian boxed family meals will be           coalitions. For example, the 20-                   Emmanuel Bible College & Herbal Academy
           served – at no cost - directly to resi-         year breast cancer survivor and                       Emmanuel Bible College * (910) 797-7858
           dents who drive up to the restaurant            mother of two adult children,                                 Classes: Every Monday 6pm to 8pm

           parking lot. This no-touch safety fea-          launched The  Sherri Arnold
           ture was designed with protocols sup-           Graham                 Foundation

           ported by The Centers for Disease               ( in
           Control and Prevention in Atlanta,              2005 to provide services to un-
           Georgia.                                        insured women in North Caro-
                                                           lina. With the help of her hus-

               Dr. Arnold-Graham, a former                 band, Dr. Ernesto J. F. Graham,

           Wall Street investment paralegal,               OB/GYN, and other dedicated                                          Rev. S. Mtunda (910) 797-7858
           entrepreneur,    seasoned  ministry             volunteers, the initiative has                 Romaine Lettuce - Nutritional Superstar hides in a humble leaf
                                                                                                          Ancient Romans once ate lettuce as a dessert. But after a romaine lettuce “prescription” helped
           leader, and health disparity advocate           provided more than $800,000               Augustus Caesar recover from serious illness, he put up a statue to honor romaine for its healing powers
           with more than 30 years of experi-              in  mammograms  to  women                 instead.
                                                                                                          Perhaps he had the right idea, Romaine lettuce is far more nutritious than the iceberg lettuce most
           ence, said that struggling families in          across North Carolina.                    people eat. For example, romaine lettuce has almost three times as much Vitamin K as iceberg. That extra

           Fayetteville and the region need more                Fighting  food  insecurity,          Vitamin K may help you avoid disabling problems like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
                                                                                                          Romaine is also loaded with other nutrients, so try it anywhere you’d normally use iceberg lettuce.
           “food  insecurity  fighters”  before            she said, is yet another way to           You may be pleasantly surprised at how it can make a good dish even better. And don’t forget romaine
           more people sink farther into despair.          call attention to the plight of           lettuce is a must-have for a truly tantalizing Caesar salad.
                                                                                                          Bite into a better asthma fighter. Turn over a new leaf and you might avoid asthma symptoms. A
           One in seven people in North Caro-              suffering people and show the             study of French women revealed that those who ate the most lettuce, spinach and other leafy greens were
                                                                                                     22 percent less likely to have asthma. Vitamin A may be the reason why. Not only is it found in both lettuce
           lina could face hunger in the wake of           power of God’s transformative             and spinach, but this vital vitamin also defends your immune system and protects the lining of your lungs.

           the pandemic.                                   love, especially in communities           Even better, if you choose romaine instead of the usual iceberg lettuce, you’ll nab almost eight times as
                                                                                                     much Vitamin A.
               Her goal is to hold 10 additional           where deadly COVID-19 has                 green also delivers healthy amounts of Vitamin C and Manganese. A British study found that people who
                                                                                                          But Vitamin A isn’t the only asthma-fighting nutrient in luscious romaine lettuce. This high-powered
           food giveaways around the city in               disproportionately affected Af-           got more Vitamin C and Manganese were less likely to develop asthma symptoms.
                                                                                                          As with Vitamin A, choosing romaine lettuce over iceberg can help. Romaine lettuce has six times as
           coming months until they reach out              rican American and Latino resi-           much Vitamin C as iceberg lettuce. To add extra Manganese, top your romaine lettuce with blackberries of
           to least 5,000 residents. “I’m baffled          dents.                                    chopped pineapple.
                                                                                                          Bowl over Alzheimer’s risk with salad. You might not think of romaine lettuce as “brain food,” but
           by the disconnect in the 2020 mar-                   “The best investments on             research from Harvard Medical School suggests it can be. In a study of over 13,000 women, those who ate
           ketplace. Sadly, while investments are          earth are the deposits we make            the most romaine lettuce and other leafy greens experienced less decline in mental ability than women who
                                                                                                     ate least.
           soaring on Wall Street, food insecu-            into the lives of others and in           has lowered the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease in other studies. Folate suppresses the blood levels of the
                                                                                                          The researchers think the honors go to one of romaine’s powerful nutrients – folate, a B vitamin that
           rity is mounting on Main Street,” said          the communities in which we               amino acid homocysteine. That’s important because lab and animal studies suggest high homocysteine
           Dr. Arnold-Graham,  who’s  also                 live,” she said.                          levels may have toxic effects on your brain cells. It may also cause your risk of Alzheimer’s to skyrocket.
                                                                                                          Also, be sure to get enough Vitamin B12 along with your folate or you might raise your risk of
           founder and chief operating officer of               For more information on              damaged brain cells. Older adults are more likely to be deficient in Vitamin B12. Your doctor can check you
           Dunamis Development Associates in               “Feeding 5,000 at 500” or to              for a B12 deficiency. Meanwhile, get more B12 from foods like fish, chicken, eggs, lean red meat and low-
                                                                                                     fat milk and cheese. For extra folate, enjoy plenty of romaine lettuce and try foods like rice, lentils and
           Fayetteville.  “We  CAN  eliminate              arrange an in-depth interview             fortified cereal.
                                                                                                          Cut hunger and shed pounds. Eating lettuce might help you lose weight without feeling hungry all
           hunger and help sustain our commu-              with the Reverend Dr. Sherri              the time. Here’s why. Low-calorie foods can make you feel full if they have a high water content. And any
           nities if we are wise enough to invest          Arnold-Graham,  please  call              type of lettuce you can think of is at least 90 percent water.
                                                                                                          This may sound like just another shaky diet claim, but science suggests it can really work. One
           with a moral compass.”                          (910)  323-5774  or  visit  the           research study found that drinking water before a meal reduces the total number of calories older adults
                                                                                                     chose to eat. The water also helped them feel more full. Another study found that a big, low-calorie salad
               For more than 30 years, she has             Foundation’s official website             before a meal can have similar calorie-slashing effects on the entire meal. So if you’re struggling to lose
           been dedicated to using her moral               at              weight, why not try a low-calorie “appetizer” salad. You have nothing to lose but pounds and inches.
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