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            Volumn 32  No. 5                                                                                  May/June  2021 Edition  *  (910) 323-3120-Office                                                                       Fayetteville, NC

                                               Garrett Joins PWC Board

                                                                                                                                        ceptional wastewater treatment.
               Ronna Rowe Garrett was sworn in by Fayetteville
          Mayor Mitch Colvin, as the newest member of the                                                                                    PWC focuses not only on the round-the-clock
          Fayetteville Public Works Commission on April 28,                                                                             delivery of services but seeks out savings for  cus-
          2021.  Garrett begins a four-year term and replaces                                                                           tomers and rises up to meet the needs of custom-
          Ralph Huff who did not seek re-appointment to the                                                                             ers and community in the most adverse times:
          Board. Garrett, a former federal government senior
          executive,  joins the four-member board of local lead-                                                                             · When COVID-19 hit,  PWC operations
          ers appointed by the Fayetteville City Council to gov-                                                                        never wavered and staff safely keep services flow-
          ern Fayetteville’s municipal utility.                                                                                         ing. PWC provided over 30,000 customers auto-
               The PWC oversees $1+ billion in utility assets and                                                                       matic 6-mo payment plans as they began recover-
          an annual budget of $401 million budget and serve over                                                                        ing from the adverse economic impact of COVID-
          118,000 residential/business customers with one or                                                                            19
          more utility services that power homes and businesses,
          ensure an ample supply of clean water, and protect the                                                                             · Lowered electric rates 4.7% in May 2020
          environment with exceptional wastewater treatment.                                                                            after a re-negotiation of PWC’s contract with
               As the 37  largest municipal electric systems in                                                                         Duke Energy which provided millions of dollars in
          the United State, PWC is community-owned and lo-                                                                              savings
          cally-operated, which offers one of the greatest ben-
          efits - local leadership that is accountable and respon-                                                                           · In 2020, our leak alert program notified
          sive to the community, not remote shareholders.          As the newest member of the PWC Board (right to left) Garrett joins  over 20,000 customers of potential water waste,
               In a recent statement regarding ongoing commu-       Chairman Wade Fowler, Evelyn Shaw and Darsweil Rogers to lead       helping those customers potentially save thousands
          nity discussions about an unsolicited concession offer                                  PWC.                                  of dollars and over 22 million gallons of water.
          from Bernhard Capital Partners Management, PWC          Fayetteville,” said Fowler.  “PWC has a long and successful history        · Following Hurricane Florence, PWC had
          Chairman Wade Fowler, reiterated the importance of      of reliably serving Fayetteville/Cumberland County with strategic, long-  restored services to 97% of customers within 96
          local leadership and full control of the utility finances  term prudent planning as well as partnering in many initiatives that  hours.
          and assets.                                             have bettered our community for all. ”                                     · Protects for our future water supply by op-
               “Our Commissioners are responsible, business and                                                                         posing upstream communities who seek water
          community-minded Fayetteville residents, who have the        Utility services impact almost every aspect of our lives. PWC    transfers away from the Cape Fear River and drives
          fiduciary duty of managing this community asset in the  works round the clock to power homes and businesses, ensure an        change for the removal of industrial contaminants
          best  interest  of  our  customers  and  the  City  of  ample supply of clean water, and protect our environment with ex-     that threaten our drinking water.

               Local business empowering women to look and feel better about themselves

                             By Jelia “JC” Hepner                                                                                    "This is better than spending thousands of dol-
                      Photo by ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul                                                                             lars on lipo surgery and other procedures when all
                                                                                                                                 you have to do is go to her and get it done naturally,"
               Entrepreneur Vicky Hunt opened A Peaceful                                                                         said Butler.
          Escape Body Studio with one thing in mind: help-                                                                           A Peaceful Escape Body Studio remains result-
          ing women. She is a firm believer that emotional,                                                                      driven with the company’s homemade weight loss
          physical,  and  spiritual  wellness  is  indeed  life-                                                                 smoothies, elderberry syrup, slimming cream, teeth
          changing. Vicky Hunt aims to satisfy her clients                                                                       whiting, and LED masks. In addition, Vicky Hunt
          by  offering  non-invasive  body  contouring  ser-                                                                     hosts sip and paint parties with wine, cheese, crack-
          vices.                                                                                                                 ers, and grapefruit trays, along with a cozy ambi-
               "I got into business for myself because I love                                                                    ance.
          to help women," said Hunt. "I want to help them                                                                            "I want to help my clients mentally and physi-
          with their weight loss journey by providing ser-                                                                       cally, inside out," said Hunt. If you need a peaceful
          vices that are affordable and painless."                                                                               atmosphere, I have a listening ear, so come and re-
               A Peaceful Escape Body Studio also special-                                                                       lax."
          izes in full-body cavitation, butt enhancement,
          cellulite removal, basic facials, and more, allow-                                                                         A Peaceful Escape Body Studio has earned stel-
          ing women to develop a healthier lifestyle and the                                                                     lar  reviews  and  life-altering  results  regarding
          body image they desire.                                                                                                weight-loss  and body imaging.
               "I just love her business; she is truly amaz-
          ing," said Lisa Butler, client. "The first time I went,                                                                    "I highly recommend her services to every one
          I saw results immediately, and she was coaching                        Vicky Hunt (910) 651-8105                       woman," said Letecia Green, client. "She loves what
          me through the whole process."                                                                                         she does, and if you put the work in, you can get the
               Since opening her shop last year, Hunt has dra-    to  do  is  drink  plenty  of  water,  exercise,  follow  the  results you want."
          matically impacted her clients' lives through the       guidelines, and you will see results instantly."
          various services she offers, including the popular           Since 2015, research has shown that more women                For more information and to book your appoint-
          lipo cavitation.                                        are getting cavitation body shaping treatment. The tech-       ment, contact Vicky Hunt at 910-651-8105 or on
               "When you come into my shop, I am doing all        nology used converts fat cells into liquid which the           Facebook: A Peaceful Escape Body Studio.
          the hard work for you," said Hunt. "All you have        body's filtration system can naturally drain.

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