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                   Fayetteville Cumberland County Ministerial Council hosts annual scholarship luncheon

                  By Jae McKrae * Photo by JJ Jones                                                                                              Now, it is my pleasure to introduce and applaud
               Saturday, May 15 was a memorable day for 10                                                                                  these 10 students who returned home with scholar-
         scholarship recipients from various early colleges and                                                                             ships following the celebratory luncheon:
         high schools in the Fayetteville area.                                                                                                  Jordan Basnight, Massey Hill Classical School;
              The annual scholarship awards luncheon was                                                                                    Lydia Faith Flournoy, E.E. Smith High School; Devon
         hosted by Fayetteville Cumberland County Ministerial                                                                               Frazier, Douglas Byrd High School; Christian Latimore,
         Council. It was their annual End of the Year Scholar-                                                                              Cumberland International Early College High School
         ship Celebration. This year, it was held at Solid Rock                                                                             (also the recipient of the Restore Warehouse Scholar-
         Bible Church in Hope Mills.                                                                                                        ship Award); Aki Morehead, Sandhoke Early College
              Pastors, religious leaders, families, friends, and                                                                            High School; Sierra President, South View High
         classmates came together to honor and recognize the                                                                                School(also earned Restore Warehouse Scholarship
         “Chosen ones”! These 10 young men and women were                                                                                   Award); Tacherria Underwood, Cross Creek Early
         awarded scholarships as a sign or symbol of their hard                                                                             College High School; Britney Watson, Pine Forest High
         work and dedication throughout the year.                                                                                           School; Amani White, E.E. Smith High School, and
              Whether you were family or a friend, you immedi-                                                                              Gabrielle Whiteside, Village Christian Academy.
         ately felt the joy and adulation shared and expressed by                                                                                     The Restore Warehouse Scholarship Award
         many who attended.  The atmosphere was festive as                                                                                  was established by Bill McMillian to honor the memo-
         the attendees anticipated the start of the program, and                                                                            ries and legacies of Gladys Currie and Vincent Phillips,
         the excitement of hearing the names called of the re-                                                                              who lost their battles with cancer. Their memories will
         cipient "you" came to support.  Once you heard ‘that’                                                                              live on through the assurance that academically minded
         name, it was clear that remaining cool and calm was                                                                                students earned the opportunity to a bright future.
         difficult. The energy that swept the room was infec-                                                                                    Even embers of the FCCMC Executive Board
         tious.                                                                                                                             were pleased and overjoyed with the ceremony. This
              FCCMC President and Pastor Sharon T. Journigan                                                                                year’s board is comprised of:
         beamed with enthusiasm; clearly, she was happy for     Ministerial Council members, Pastors, religious leaders, families, friends,      President Pastor Sharon Journigan; Vice-presi-
         the students who were presented scholarships. “They  classmates and the 10 young men and women who were awarded scholarships.      dent Rev. William Neill; Secretary Prophetess Beverly
         earned it,” she said. “Now they can go to college and                                                                              Gibson; Treasurer, Rev.Yvonne Hodges; and Chap-
         realize their dreams, and become whatever they want                                                                                lain Apostle Georgia Walker.
         to be. Touching young people, and inspiring them to go  them jumpstart their academic careers.”                                         There were more than 200 supporters who came
         out there and represent who they are in a big way is        You can imagine the joy and the feeling of accomplishment that overcame all of the  to witness the ceremony and display their heartfelt
         what the Lord placed on us.  Work hard and remain  scholarship award recipients that special day in their lives.                   pride.
         focused. Most of all, know that you are blessed every  The scholarships will assist them in their educational journeys as they proceed to earn  We salute and congratulate all of the students
         step of the way!  These scholarships will definitely help  their prospective degrees.                                              who earned a scholarship; we are proud not only
                                                                                                                                            to promote, but also   announce your achievements.

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