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                                                     Editorial / Opinion

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                              Obstacles & Opportunities

               As we approach the Memorial Day                                                                       wait on outsiders ; to create the

          holiday weekend and summer travel the                                                                      opportunities  necessary  for                The  Fayetteville  Press
          sudden  gas  crisis  has  caused  quite  a                                                                 change.  My  parents  always                       Newspaper
          scare.  However in reality it pales to                                                                     taught us that life’s obstacles are         “Your  Community  Newspaper”
          what  we  have  endured  with  this                                                                        merely opportunities to see the                   P.O. Box 9166
          coronavirus  pandemic.  We  may  ask                                                                       lords work.. It’s time we witness            Fayetteville * NC 28311
          ourselves      “have  we  not  suffered                                                                    the power of God and his won-
          enough”? It is in that spirit that I write                                                                 ders  to  behold”.  We  must  be-             (910) 323-3120 - Office
          because we have indeed been presented                                                                      come the change we seek to see.             E-mail:
          with substantial obstacles over the past                                                                   The realization of the true impact
          year. However some have clearly suf-                                                                       of the pandemic places a micro-                *Publisher - JJ Jones
          fered  substantially  more  than  others.                                                                  scope on just how unhealthy we                  *General Manager
          This purposes to invoke us to seek op-                                                                     were and arguably still are.                    Chrystal M. Thomas

          portunities for change. According to a                        By Atty Allen W. Rogers
          recent Center for Disease and Control                         (910) 433-0833                                    We  must  demand  that  our                 *Sales Manager
          report ...                                                                                                 leadership address the aforemen-                  Dwight Brown
               “The  coronavirus  pandemic  has                                                                      tioned vulnerability questions. A              *Editor - Jae McKrae
          left  about  299,000  more  people  dead and Latinos so vulnerable? When such grave sta- society is only as strong  as its                               *Special Corespondent
          in the United States than would be ex- tistics are viewed in the animal world they are weakest  link.  “My  daddy  says                                   Queen Degraphenrei
          pected in a typical year, two-thirds of labeled  endangered  species  and  measures  are faith without work is dead”. The
                                                                                                                                                                        Staff Writer
          them from covid-19 and the rest from taken and strictly enforced to protect their sur- lessons we have learned must be                                        “JC” Hepner

          other causes, the Centers for Disease vival  rate.  What  is  being  proposed  for  blacks paired  with  the  problems  in
          Control and Prevention reported Tues- and Latin between 25-44 ? ; what will be done? healthcare and survival we saw.                                         *Photgrapher
          day.                                            We must demand that while billions are being This pandemic brought us closer                                Bruce Carpenter
                                                          spent on the cure and upon the pandemic ample as  a  people... A  people  willing                        *Account Executives
               “The  CDC  said  the  novel consideration  must  be  given  to  reversing  the to make sacrifices for family even                                        Dr. Don Reid
          coronavirus,  which  causes  covid-19, consequences  that  made  this  group  so  vulner- when it means not seeing them.                                      Chris Miller
          has  taken  a  disproportionate  toll  on able. On its face this is  a sad commentary of We  can  coexist  and  people                                  ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul
          Latinos and Blacks, as previous analy- our moral integrity and value system. This group showed that they truly care about                                    *Distribution
          ses  have  noted.  But  the  CDC  also likely  comprises  a  large  portion  of  our  labor their fellow man. My 91 year old                                 Michael Dykes
          found, surprisingly, that it has struck work force. However there positions are gener- dad  figured  this  all  out  a  long                                Nero B. Coleman
          25-  to  44-year-olds  very  hard:  Their ally not the highest wages and apparently not as time ago when he said we have
          “excess death” rate is up 26.5 percent protected and valued as should be the case in done so long with so little that                                       *Staff  Chaplain
          over previous years, the largest change of Unitied States of America.                                      we can do almost anything with                   Larry O. Wright
          for any age group.”                                                                                        nothing.  While  this  is  true  we
                                                               I  grew  up  in  Laurinburg  NC    in  Scotland must better address the plight of                                   E-Mail:
               This painful reality and data must County the poorest county in North Carolina. It the least of us before history re-                           
          now  be  utilized  to  put  in  place  mea- is much like this group with the highest incidents peats itself.
          sures that identifies and addresses the of the worst of everything. In the wake of this                                                                       Web-Site
          cause of this unfortunate fact. We ap- resumption of our lives we will join all positive                        For  more  info  contact  ;   
          pear to have successfully appeared to energies in challenging status quo politics and Allen.Rogers@allenrogers-
          gain  control  of  the  pandemic  .  What breaking  generational  attachments  to  poverty                                                         Subscriptions
          will we now do about the circumstance and  poor  health. We  of  the  Christian  faith  do                      UTOPIA.            (Universal
          that made the 25 to 44 year olds Blacks not  have  to  a  accept  this.  We  do  not  have  to Temple Of People In Action)                                       Call
                                                                                                                                                                     (910) 323-3120

                                                                       The Important Role of a Father

                                                                 Fathers play a very important role in the lives of their children and family. There continues to be a concern with the
                                                          diminishing role of the father in the lives of their children. Young boys look up to and emulate their fathers. They watch every-
                                                          thing their fathers do and say because they learn by modeling behaviors. There are things that fathers teach their sons that only a
                                                          man can teach them and sons want their dad’s approval. Young males watch how their father treats their mother and they learn
                                                          about their identity and role as a young male.
                                                                   Young girls love their fathers and want their acceptance.  That is why it is crucial that fathers tell their daughters they are
                                                          beautiful, smart, and important so they won’t spend their lives seeking validation in the men they date. Fathers teach their
                                                          daughters about their value and self-worth so they will already know that when they seek love. Girls watch how their father treats
                                                          their mother and every little thing they do or say.
                                                                    The man is head of household and it is his responsibility to ensure his family is taken care of.  Quality time, love, and
                                                          providing are the best things a father can give his children. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life pulls you away from those
                                                          little things that should be done, but it is imperative to spend time with your children because they grow up so fast. Don’t let time
                                                          get away from you.  There is nothing more beautiful than a man handling his responsibilities.  We know that any man can make a
            By Dr. Shanessa Fenner, Principal             child, but a real man takes care of his children no matter what the relationship is with the mother. Always be there for your
                                                          children. Research indicates that fathers are as important as mothers in their roles of caregiver, protector, financial supporter,
                                                          and a model for social and emotional behavior.  You set the example and your children are watching.
                                                                    Many children do not have their fathers in their lives but they have the benefit of having an adoptive father, uncle, grand-
                                                          father, male cousin, stepdad, or other male figure in their lives.  We are living in tragic times that are especially important for
                                                          fathers to teach their sons about the plight of the young black male, what to do and say when stopped by the police, and to not live
                                                          up to the stereotypes that society has about them. Teach your sons the tools to understand and navigate racism  because you have
                                                          experienced it firsthand.
                                                                    You are important in the lives of your family and especially your children. Your presence makes a difference. Your
                                                          dedication does not go unnoticed.  Happy Father’s Day.
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