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Re-Elect KENJUANA Mc CRAY for Hope Mills Commissioner

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                                                                                                                                Kenjuanna McCray


            Volumn 32  No. 9                                                                           September 30, 2021 Edition  *  (910) 323-3120-Office                                                                      Fayetteville, NC


               By Jelia Colemen                                                                                                             dents in college have an opportunity to
               According to mental, an es-                                                                                       learn and benefit by participating in pro-
          timated 51.1 million people (20.6 percent)                                                                                        grams. “I have had many come here, who
          suffer from some form of mental illness.                                                                                          have gone off to get their Ph.D.’s, said Ms.
          As a result, Ms. Janet Cardassi, clinical su-                                                                                     Janet Cardassi. “It’s a great experience and
          pervisor of Behavioral Counseling & Psy-                                                                                          also a learning environment as well.”
          chological Services PA, was determined to                                                                                              This organization has several vacant
          make it her mission to help those in need.                                                                                        offices in the building, and is seeking to
          “I just love what I do,” Ms. Cardassi said. “I                                                                                    fill job openings. “I am looking for people
          want to give hope to those in our military                                                                                        right now, and I have three offices in the
          community.”Behavioral Counseling & Psy-                                                                                           building for rent in this beautiful historic
          chological  Services  PA  is  a  behavioral                                                                                       home,” said Ms.Cardassi.
          health  agency  that  provides  services  to                                                                                           Behavioral Counseling & Psychologi-
          those  with  mental  and  behavioral  chal-                                                                                       cal Services PA is also known as the old
          lenges, and substance abuse in Fayetteville                                                                                       Taylor Utley House that stands on prop-
          and surrounding areas.                                                                                                            erty originally owned by Captain James
                                                                                                                                            Andrew Jackson Bradford, former com-
               As  a  military  veteran,  Ms.  Janet                                                                                        mander of the U.S. Arsenal in the Civil War
          Cardassi is taking her life’s experiences and              Ms. Janet Cardassi, clinical supervisor of Behavioral                  Era.
          kind  spirit  to  serve  and  protect  those  in               Counseling & Psychological Services PA, -(910) 485-1703
          need. She is a keeper of the site, which is a                                                                                          “I am 73 years old, and I have had good
          haven to those with a history of abuse and       vidual, and children’s counseling. “I love working with children,” Ms.           experiences and bad experiences. People
          nurturer of those falling prey to addiction.     Janet Cardassi explained. “I work with children who have been abused or          get so depressed, and I want to give them
                                                           children who have ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder).”              hope at the end of the day.”
               “My  clients  are  seeking  to  stop  the                                                                                         For  more  information,  call
          mental pain of abusive memories,” said Ms.            She also has a Substance Abuse Comprehension Outpatient Treat-              910.485.1703. The Behavioral Counseling
          Cardassi. “I want this place to be a beckon      ment (SACOT) program in which she provides transportation to and from            & Psychological Services PA, 916 Hay St.
          of light and hope for those seeking help.”       the program. “Participants only stay for a couple of hours, and I also           in Fayetteville. Opened Monday–Friday, 9
               She provides counseling services from       provide free lunches,” said Ms. Cardassi.                                        am to 5 pm.
          reality or cognitive therapy to family, indi-         At The Behavioral Counseling & Psychological Services PA , stu-

                               PLEASE VOTE FOR KIA ANTHONY

                                                         Mayor * Spring Lake, NC

                                                        Tuesday, November 2, 2021

                                                   Paid for by the Committee to Elect KIA  ANTHONY - Mayor Spring Lake, NC
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