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                                                     Editorial / Opinion

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                                 Mae Blivens …..

                                                                                                                     me. We talked about my business, career
               Often in life there are those behind the scenes                                                       goals, children, grandchildren and her book
          of an organization that deliver the service and support                                                    club. Ms. Mae impressed me and I enjoyed     The  Fayetteville  Press
          that becomes the footprint and culture of that organi-                                                     our time together. A couple of months later, I     Newspaper
          zation. Mae Blivens has provided that for the Rogers                                                       was invited to interview for the SC Criminal  “Your  Community  Newspaper”
          Firm. Whether the front desk , kitchen or courtroom                                                        Defense Paralegal Position. I was nervous
          her presence was always felt. She’s developed and                                                          about interviewing for a position in which had    P.O. Box 9166
          contributed to grooming the careers of many of the                                                         no previous experience. However, she was     Fayetteville * NC 28311
          most notable lawyers in this community. From Judge                                                         confident that I was great fit for the position.
          Toni King , and Atty’s Sheri Miller ; Chelsa Ellis , Ron                                                   Needless to say, I got the position. It was dif-  (910) 323-3120 - Office
          Crosby ; Antonio Gerald ; Kura Cathens ; Kelly Dia-                                                        ficult and I struggled. I submitted my resigna-
          mond  ;  Beth  Hall  ;  Richard  Brown  ;  Candace                                                         tion letter to Ms. Mae and she ripped it up in  E-mail:
          McKnight ; Tiffany Roulhac, Victoria Clarkson and                                                          my face. Ms. Mae believed in me when I
          Irisha Hognet all were blessed with her nurturing. Her                                                     didn't believe in myself. I thought she hated  *Publisher - JJ Jones
          passionate and direct appeal has been felt by many in                                                      me because she was what l perceived to be
          ways that brought both joy and anguish. However there                                                      during that time, intolerable towards me. It    *General Manager
          was never any doubt that her motives were always                                                           took months for me to realize that she actu-    Chrystal M. Thomas
          unselfish genuine and sincere. This is a tribute to her                                                    ally cared and believed in me. I will miss her
          for what she’s given to so many and the love we share  Atty. Allen Rogers, Mae Blivens and Atty. Ron Crosby and I don't know how I'm going to survive       *Sales Manager
          for her. While her days with us as a regular may be                                                        without her. Most ! of all, I will never forget   Dwight Brown
          numbered her presence will always and forever be                                                           how she challenged me to move higher in
          felt in every client case and decision made in the Rogers                                                  every area of my life. My heart is breaking    *Editor - Jae McKrae
          firm. She has left an indelible impression one that shall                                                  but I'm extremely excited for the next chap-  *Special Corespondent
          guide us henceforth.                                                                                       ters in her life. Ms. Mae is a real legend.    Queen Degraphenrei
                                                                                                                          Congrats Ms Blivens love you....
               Mrs Mae is someone who plays many roles in                                                                 Trey                                          Staff Writer
          many different peoples lives. She is a mother figure, a                                                                                                       “JC” Hepner
          friend, a listener, a talker lol, a boss, a protector, and                                                      Ms. Mae,
          the list goes on. That’s what’s make her irreplaceable.                                                         Congratulations on your retirement. You      *Photgrapher
          She’s whoever you need her to be and she does is it                                                        positively impacted many lives through your      Bruce Carpenter
          effortlessly. She truly deserves everything that awaits                                                    years of dedicated work at The Rogers Firm.
          her in this next season of her life. Love Ya                                                               You should be very proud. Enjoy this next     *Account Executives
               Mrs Mae. - Victoria                                                                                   chapter of your life story. You have more than     Dr. Don Reid
                                                                                                                     earned it.                                         Chris Miller
               In the 2 years I have worked with Ms. Mae, I                                                               Dr. Vikki Andrews                       ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul
          can honestly say I have learned to Love her, not only
          as the office manager, but also as a friend and mother                                                          Congratulations to one very special lady,    *Distribution
          figure. She has taught me to be attentive, respectful                                                      who deserves all that life has in store for her
          and understanding.                                  Lisa, Brown,  Atty. Allen Rogers and Mae Blivens       in retirement. She has been the driving force     Michael Dykes
               Thank you Ms. Mae.                                                                                    for so many, wearing many hats and laboring      Nero B. Coleman
               Jamaica                                                                                               in love and with an unselfish, untiring spirit   *Staff  Chaplain

               As a new hire, I thought that it would be difficult  You made every day in The Rogers Law Firm so much brighter.  for many years for the Rogers Law Firm.       Bishop
                                                                                                                          One in a million, Mrs. Mae Blivens.
          to adjust to the work environment. But, had I known  Thank you for all of your wit and wisdom. You will be greatly missed!  Jackie  McCollum                Larry O. Wright
          that I would get the opportunity to work under you, I  Harold
          needn’t have worried. Thank you for taking me under                                                             For Mrs Mae                                              E-Mail:
          your wing since the first day itself. Your skills, talents,  Ms. Mae Blivens, office manager:                   Dear Mrs Mae thank you for being a   
          and compassion are renowned enough that I hope some  Congratulations on your well deserved retirement. Your con-  great teacher/ mentor theses past 4 1/2 years.
          rubbed off on me as well. To work under your leader-  tributions will never be forgotten. I wish you a wonderful future  I’ve learned so much from you over the years!
          ship is the most valuable work experience that anyone  with your family, friends, and hobbies. The Rogers Law Firm will  You took a chance on me when I had no ex-  Web-Site
          could hope for, thank you. Carolina             never be the same without you. You deserve the best! Enjoy the                                
                                                          next chapter of life.                                      perience at all. You’ve taught me everything

               Mae no one Deserve this retirement better than  Troy Williams                                         I know. The Rogers Law firm won’t be the              For
                                                                                                                     same without you. Thank you for everything!!
          you. So now it’s time for you to look after mae and                                                             Kiara                                      Subscriptions
          enjoy  your  retirement!!!  Love  you  Lee  Lee.     I met Mae Blivens at an event. We sat next to each other and
          #bigsisterfriend.                               we talked all during the event. I was captivated by her interest in                                              Call
                                                                                                                                                                     (910) 323-3120

                                                                                          Run To Save Your Life

                                                                                                    By Dr. Shanessa Fenner

                                                                    Across their lifetime, 1 in 3 women are subjected to physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner or
                                                          sexual violence from a non-partner. As women we have this fairy tale of meeting our knight in shining armor who
                                                          sweeps us off of our feet and we live happily ever after. Then the fairy tale turns into a nightmare. October is
                                                          National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and violence is everyone’s business.
                                                                    Some of the signs of an abuser include pushes for quick involvement, constant jealousy, controlling be-
                                                          havior, isolates you from family and friends, blames others for their own mistakes, verbal abuse, and threats of
                                                          violence. They want to control you and every aspect of your life.
                                                                    Some of the signs of a person who is being abused entail tries to cover up bruises, nervous about talking
                                                          when the abuser is around, walks around on eggshells, has very little contact with friends and family, appears to be
                                                          sad, lonely, and afraid, fears for her life, and makes excuses for the abuser’s actions.  Abuse often gets worse
                                                          over time.  If the abuser hits you once, they will hit you again.
                                                                    Sometimes the victim stays in the relationship due to financial stability and other reasons. Of course it
                                                          may be hard in the beginning if and when you decide to leave. It does not matter if you have to live temporarily in
               Dr. Shanessa Fenner, Principal             a one-room place with few belongings, but you will have peace of mind. You can build those things up again.  Your
                                                          overall safety and well-being come first.
                                                                    Another important point is that it is okay to be alone for awhile.  We live in a society that can make you
                                                          feel as if you always have to be in a relationship. No you do not.  This is your life and your decision. If you keep
                                                          finding yourself in not so good relationships take a step back and get to know self. Spend that time building a
                                                          better you.
                                                                    You are a grown woman and your last punishment should have come from your parents when you
                                                               were younger, not from the person you are involved in a relationship with.  The hotline for domestic violence
                                                          help is 1 (800) 799-7233.
                                                                    If you know someone who is in a domestic violence situation let them know that you care for their safety
                                                          and it would be very devastating to have to put their family through the pain of having to plan their funeral.
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