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The Fayetteville Press October/November 2020 Edition                                                                                 Page 3

                                            Manifesto Against Violence

             As an African American man, I vehemently re-                                                                                   While African Americans are subjected to
        ject the notion that by nature, culture and history                                                                            police brutality, profiling and other forms of
        we are violent.  We further resist the notion that                                                                             discrimination, we will continue to support and
        because of this unfounded “big lie,” neighborhoods                                                                             defend the Constitution of the United States
        and communities at large are at risk because of the                                                                            against all enemies, foreign and domestic, just
        violence of African American men.  Nothing in our                                                                              as we have during the American Revolution, the
        character or general behavior suggests that we have                                                                            Civil War, World War I and II, the Korean War,
        been a threat to Caucasians.  As people of faith, with                                                                         and the wars in Vietnam and the Persian Gulf.
        a rich history of family and non-violent behavior,                                                                             Among African American men are true Patri-
        we are a people who believe in forgiveness, we are                                                                             ots who love this country.
        offended and appalled by the voices that now paint                                                                                   We will not be shamed, intimidated, or
        us as violent and that our state and national elec-                                                                            cowed by slander and lies about our commu-
        tions should be determined based on the false per-                                                                             nity.  We will never surrender our right to pro-
        ception of the threat posed by us.                                                                                             test,  to  peaceably  assemble  and  exercise  all
                                                                                                                                       those rights enumerated in the United States
             We acknowledge that our community has issues                                                                              Constitution.
        related to violence.  Those issues are not dominant                                                                                  We declare that we are not anarchists, do-
        and are due to poverty and the lack of economic                                                                                mestic terrorists, thugs nor predators.  We are
        opportunities.  Those issues have not now nor in                                                                               seeking access to all the rights afforded us to
        the past caused African American men to enter other                                                                            include the right to vote in the upcoming elec-
        neighborhoods and commit violence.  We will never                                                                              tion to demonstrate our collective fight against
        invade your neighborhoods with violence.  We will                                                                              fear, division, injustice, poverty, indifference
        never attack churches and places of worship.  We                       by Adam Beyah                                           and unfair privilege.
        will never attack schools filled with innocent chil-                                                                                Adam Beyah can be contacted by email
        dren.                                                                     Email-                      at

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