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                                                   THE POWER OF ONE

               While growing up in Hebron, South Carolina, we attended what was then (Lincoln El-
           ementary and High School). Lincoln was structured with two buildings connected by a breeze-
           way or walkway. I was instructed by my Mom to look out for my baby sister at school. We
           were six years apart in age; two siblings dying at birth between us. She was in first grade and I
           was in seventh. The first through sixth grades were in one building; across the breezeway was
           seventh through twelfth grades. I was very protective of her as we boarded the bus, walked
           her to class and occasionally excused myself from class just to walk across the breezeway and
           down the hall and see her in action. She was fine; learning and making friends in first grade. Her
           teacher (Mrs. Purvis) was the best. She was a seasoned, caring and smart African American
           educator. We had other siblings in school but my mother felt that I was the ONE that would be
           most effective in protecting my sister during that time.
                  Designating ONE person or behavior can change our lives and the lives of many. It is
           common to believe that three or more would be more powerful than just one. When we think of
           Biblical times, there was power in one; the One that was chosen by our Lord and Savior; His                         by  Dr. Mary J. Ferguson (2020)
           name is Jesus.  He began to appoint special task to special ones to reach masses of people                Adjunct Assistant Professor of Leadership & English
           from all walks of life. These people are special and carry an energy, a spirit that is magnetic.
           Their voices are canonized and their messages profound for hundreds of years.                                              Whether you vote or not,
                  When God moved on appointing His leadership, He felt that people needed to be                                That your support will lay within my lot.
           governed (in the church, families and communities). He appointed leadership from all walks of                    And finally, I’m going to take an ordinary man,
           life; males and females were both instrumental. He primarily spoke and said with reason, “Let                             And have you understand,
           everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which                    That even your common man is also my child.
           God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God” (Romans 13:1).                   My Jacob was a hero depicting Power and Grace;
           In establishing leadership, followers do not always follow nor do they always agree with the          Your Jacob Blake is a Negro keeping light on this social injustice race.
                                                                                                                              He will be alright and he will walk again,
           designated order. In (Daniel 2:21), “He changes the times and seasons; He removes kings and                       For his wounds were not fatal for a reason.
           establishes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning”. We are in a                                I am watching over him,
           season. We are experiencing deprivation as never before in our lifetime. It has become per-                              And his children will be fine;
           sonal; it is everybody’s problem. The woes of the COVID-19 have affected our social, emo-                            One may even become a great leader.
           tional and spiritual behaviors. It has made us be still and know that He is God. We are in a                            For what is meant to be wrong,
           combative time with ourselves, others and spiritual warfare. But ONE can be the beginning of                  In a blink of an eye, it is meant not to be a long time,
           the difference of many.                                                                                           For even Satan has his time and his season.
                  The past six months was the beginning of true designated power. Each one of us has                         So read Ecclesiastes and interpret my Word;
           been passed the baton of responsibility. Some would call it ‘cleaning house’. The house has                            For now, you are a chosen ONE.
           many locations. Answer your calling for the houses you have been assigned to clean. It could          Spread love not hate in your heart and many of you will start reaching.
           be the church house, the school house, the government house and or your own house that is in                 Know that no devil in hell can stop my Holy teachings.
           need of sanitation. Why do you think that bleach is dire right now? We have become a people
           in need of cleansing (inside and out). From the doorknobs we touch from the outside to the         Emmanuel Bible College & Herbal Academy
           foods we feed our insides. We have been given the power.                                              Emmanuel Bible College * (910) 797-7858
                   There is power in one; there is power in one vote. We are all appointed individually to
           make a difference in the future of our country, families, institutions of learning, and our spiritual         Classes: Every Monday 6pm to 8pm
           foundations. It is my belief that the Pandemic was appointed by the ONE to reveal the flaws in
           all that was crippling our daily lives. We were ordered to STOP, THINK, and CONNECT. All
           of the events which makes us feel powerless has shown no discrimination; everyone is included
           in financial loss, death of close friends and loved ones, paralytic thinking which forcibly
           transitioned us to creative thinking, fixing broken habits and redesigning the way we love,
           respect and believe in one another. I believe that God’s blueprint for improvement is just as it
           always has been. Either we will be better or worse for having experienced this stagnation of
           what we think is an abomination which may be simply inconveniencing our NORMAL lives.
           There is a trumpet call for clarity in our thinking.
                   Some of my best thinking is during the morning fresh air hours (meditating, walking,
           working with earth, planting or cutting grass. All of this involves oxygen (something man just                       Rev. S. Mtunda (910) 797-7858
           cannot make). Clearing our minds, praying and paying attention to natural things, things in
           which man has no power ironically empowers us. While listening to the Powerful One, this is           Chili Peppers - Vibrant veggie stokes fires of wellness
           the message I was given:                                                                       A chili pepper kept trouble away from American Indians. They discovered that burning chili peppers
                                                                                                     created such caustic fumes invading Europeans kept their distance.
                                                  GOD  SAID…                                              The secret to this defense and the blazing chili pepper taste is capsaicin, a substance found in the
                                          I am going to take your finances                           skin, seeds and inner ribs. That’s what creates the fire – from mild to wild – in the various kinds of chili
                                      And not give you any immediate chances,                             If you prefer mildly spicy, try the gentle heat of the Anaheim pepper or its spicier cousin, the poblano.
                                   Of thinking money is the answer to everything.                    After that, the peppers get progressively hotter from the fiery jalapeno to the searing serrano to the blazing
                                            I am going to take your jobs,                            cayenne and – for true heat seekers – the twin infernos of the habanero and scotch bonnet peppers.
                                          And force you to stay at home.                                  Just remember, if you’re going to cook with chili peppers, it’s wiser to use too little than too much.
                                     Build your families and relationships alone.                         Hot ticket to hunger-free weight loss. Losing weight used to be a story of hunger pangs, boring
                                           I am going to make you raise,                             food, and misery, but that’s all about to change. A Japanese study uncovered a delicious way to eat fewer
                                              Your own children now,                                 calories without really trying.
                                                                                                          According to the study, people who ate a steaming, spicy soup 10 minutes before their lunch ate
                               And you will see how hard that responsibility really is…              fewer calories during lunch. On top of that, those who ate soup that was as spicy as they could comfortably
                                           So, I am closing a few doors,                             stand also ate fewer fat grams. Another study got similar results with spicy tomato juice 30 minutes before
                                          To what you thought was yours,                             a meal. In both studies, participants ate until they were full, but needed fewer calories to feel satisfied.
                                     Even your churches and your sanctuaries.                             Even better, this natural appetite suppressant may last a long time. Canadian researchers report that
                                            On Saturdays and Sundays,                                a pepper-laced breakfast not only reduced hunger all morning, but it also cut the protein and fat people ate
                                            You will now still praise me.                            at lunch.
                                                                                                          Chili peppers might also help you avoid weight gain, thanks to their Vitamin C. One researcher
                                   Because your sports and idols are being taken.                    suspects low blood levels of vitamin C may cause people to gain weight over time. And, in fact, a study
                                          I am closing all of your schools,                          suggests low vitamin C levels limit your body’s ability to burn fat. Another study even associated low blood
                                          So, make your own golden rules,                            levels of vitamin C with thicker waists and more body fat.
                              About how your children’s intelligence level will manifest;                 Scientists still need more evidence to be sure vitamin C influences how much weight you gain or lose.
                                     Now, you administer their intelligence tests.                   But meanwhile, remember that chili peppers are a leading source of vitamin C. To be sure you get enough of
                                     And finally, I will bring you to your knees,                    this important vitamin, enjoy other vitamin C-rich foods, like strawberries, watercress and oranges.
                                          You will beg the King PLEASE!                                   Fire up speedier wound healing. If your cuts, scrapes and other wounds seem to heal too slowly, chili
                                      Lord, restore what I thought was nothing.                      peppers could shorten your road to recovery. Chili peppers are a good source of beta carotene your body
                                                                                                     can convert to vitamin A. Animal research suggests that both vitamin A and beta carotene can help wounds
                                      I will make you pray and call my Name,                         heal faster – especially if you haven’t been getting enough vitamin A from your diet. So spice up your
                                       And NOTHING will ever be the same,                            favorite foods with a few extra chili peppers, but don’t stop there. Load up on beta carotene and vitamin A
                                    Now you will realize this is truly not a game.                   from sweet potatoes, carrots, turnip greens, sweet red peppers, kale, pumpkin and spinach.
                                      For God wrote the Biblical Book of Life,                            Turn up the heat to beat indigestion. Spicy hot foods might cool the pain, nausea and full feeling from
                                         For ALL truly deserves something.                           indigestion. In a small Italian study, researchers gave study participants two capsules of chili pepper or a
                                      And to think you wanted a little bit more,                     placebo before each meal. After two weeks, those who took the chili pepper capsules reported less stomach
                                                                                                     pain, fullness and nausea. The capsaicin in chili peppers may be the reason why. The researchers suspect
                                            Now it is harder to restore,                             it makes your stomach less sensitive by blocking nerve impulses to the brain.
                                    Because you thought of it as little or nothing.                       Try spicing up your food with chili peppers or eating a chili-spiced appetizer before a meal. Just
                                              Your highest of leaders,                               remember two things. Chili peppers can irritate your stomach and may cause indigestion in some people.
                                              Will be put on the spot.                               Don’t try chili peppers if you have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syn-
                                       No government can stand without God.                          drome (IBS), or heartburn. Also, don’t try substituting black pepper for chili pepper. Black pepper can irritate
                                            So, make sure in your heart,                             your stomach.
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