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                          Dwight Brown is Keynote Speaker for Fayetteville’s first Natural Hair School Downtown

            Napoleon  Hill  is  an American  author  responsible  for  the                                               possible. Every time I read it, I learn something new about my-
       very first study of the science of success. His most popular book,                                                self. That’s what we are all looking for, ourselves, whether we
       Think and Grow Rich was first published in 1937. Today he has                                                     know it or not.”
       grossed  more  than  60  million  copies.  He  once  wrote,  “An  edu-                                                 Evans stated in an interview with Sabrina Colon this year in
       cated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind                                                   January, the Baltimore native was successful in opening Natural
       that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without                                                 Genius Hair Academy in Historic Downtown Fayetteville. She has
       violating the rights of others. Every adversity, every failure, ev-                                               implemented Napoleon Hill’s lectures as part of her curriculum.
       ery  heartbreak,  carries  with  it  the  seed  of  an  equal  or  greater                                        “Life is a game. If you know the rules, you can win. Napoleon Hill
       benefit.”                                                                                                         has 17 principles of success which outline how to win the game. I
            Tressa Evans enrolled into Fayetteville State University in                                                  just  want  my  students  to  be  winners.”
       August  of  2004.  Since  then,  she  has  dedicated  her  life  to  the                                               Evans stated in that same interview. The first graduation is
       Fayetteville community as a Natural Hair Stylist and Loc Techni-                                                  scheduled  to  take  place  June  8th  at  11am.  8  students  are  sched-
       cian. Her salon, Natural Genius Hair Salon has been a pillar of                                                   uled to participate in the First Commencement Exercise. The in-
       this community, happily servicing the natural hair community for                                                  structors are the best stylist in the city, including Terrill Allison
       more than 12 years.                                                                                               of Marcus Doss Salon, Lashona Cameron of Natural Beauty Hair
            Dwight  Brown,  born  in  DC,  raised  in  Fayetteville,  N.C.                                               Salon & substitutes Tamara Galloway, Deana Evans, and Denise
       Dwight Brown was born with a mental disability, and quite frankly,                                                Howie.  “Each  instructor  offers  something  grand  to  the  program,
       he was Label Mentally Disabled. As he described it, Dwight spent                                                  making  it  the  best  program  for  someone  like  me  wanting  to  be-
       his days wasting time on the party scene; he found himself vol-                                                   come a licensed Natural Haircare Specialist. They have equipped
       unteering at Highsmith Rainey for the Total Activity Committee                                                    me with all the knowledge I need to be successful,” says Shanella
       while he was 25 yrs. old. Dwight found himself volunteering where                                                 Malcolm who relocated here last year from Jamaica. In addition,
       there was no volunteer program. At a moment’s notice, one day                                                     the students have had special guest Marcus Doss Celebrity hair-
       he  decided  to  focus  and  dedicate  his  life  to  reading,  studying                                          stylist extraordinaire and Tamiko Single, of Fayetteville’s annual
       and  setting  goals.                                                                                              Natural Hair Expo, help prepare them to pass their board exams to
            Dwight’s  number  one  goal  was  to  surround  himself  with                                                become  stylists.
       friends who were smarter than him. Later, he became the Chair-                                                         It  was  natural  for  Dwight  Brown  to  be  booked  as  the  key-
       person  of  the  Board  of  Maranatha,  which  is  the  highest  seat  to                                         note  speaker  Dwight  Brown  is  the  genius  that  introduced  her  to
       be  held.  One  day  in  2013,  he  strolled  into  my  salon;  it  was  an                                       the book that would change her life, and the lives of millions of
       encouraging  encounter.  Dwight  introduced  himself,  and  offered                                               people; some of them not yet born. He is also scheduled to speak
       to leave behind some Fayetteville Press Newspapers for the guest                                                  at orientation for Natural Hair Summer School beginning June 17th.
       to enjoy. Dwight suggested that he would return in case he needed                                                 “Being the owner of Natural Genius Hair Salon is quite demand-
       to  bring  more  newspapers.                                                                                      ing. I never dreamed I would have the capacity to open a school.
            On  Dwight’s  next  visit,  he  asked  Tressa  Evans  if  she  had                                           It took almost 2 years. I’m so determined that giving up wasn’t an
       ever heard of the author Napoleon Hill…she had not.                                                               option. With the help of countless friends and family member, it’s
            As a result, Dwight lit up like a light bulb as he began to                                                  the  best  thing  I’ve  ever  done.  It’s  so  rewarding  to  realize  I’m
       share some of the things he had learned from reading this book.                                                   helping to raise the next generation of hairstylists. We teach state
       Evans took to the internet, found the ebook, and began reading it                                                 board requirements, we teach Napoleon Hills 17 Principle of Suc-
       that  evening.  Fast  forward  to  present  day,  she  has  read  it  more                                        cess, and we teach how to navigate the beauty industry as a Natu-
       than  50  times,  and  Mr.  Brown,  as  she  calls  him,  is  one  of  the                                        ral Genius.
       smartest  men  to  ever  grace  her  presence.  Evans  proclaims  that  This photo was taken by the 4 year old photographer  “The only requirements are you can read, write, and be teach-
       sometimes  she  can’t  wait  to  finish  it,  so  she  can  start  all  over  Zendaya Jordan. She charges $10 for photo shoots and her  able.” For more information, please visit
       again.  “This book has changed my life in ways I didn’t know                                                  .
                                                                    booking info can be found on instagram@mybiggirlbusiness

                     The Fayetteville/Cumberland County Ministerial Council

                                    Scholarship & Community Awards Recipients

                                                               by Jae McKrae- * Photo by JJ Jones
            Saturday, May 18 at Salem Methodist Church in Eastover, among family and friends, The Fayetteville Cumberland County Ministerial Council presented their annual scholarships, and
       community awards.

            Evangelist Georgeanna Pinckney led the way; she’s the FCCMC Education Chair over Greater Life of Fayetteville. The Invocation & Grace were led by Minister Pamela O. Ross,
       FCCMC Member/Lewis Chapel Missionary Baptist Church.  Following lunch, Apostle Sharon Thompson Journigan, FTCCMC president representing Integrity Ministries Global Church, Inc.
       The Words of Encouragement flowed from Elm City Mayor Tawanda Moore. Moore is also a pastor of Genesis Church. In addition, Evangelist Georgeanna Pinckney presented the scholarships
       to the recipients. Bill McMillan of Restore Warehouse brought up and recognized Gladys Currie and Vincent Phillips.

            The Minister’s Scholarship was presented by Rev. Mary Owens, former FCCMC president, representing Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church. FCCMC Treasurer Dr. Yvonne Hodges
       shared the Treasurer’s Instruction. The FCCMC Community Award was presented by Apostle Sharon Thompson Journigan. Apostle Journigan also gave the remarks and announcements. Rev.
       Gil Wise, FCCMC member representing Salem Methodist Church led the blessings and benediction.
            To say we’re proud of all of the students who received a scholarship Saturday, May 18 is an under-statement; we are happy to witness the results of hard work and commitment. Honorable
       students please understand that you all are role models. All who follow you after that night, are convinced that with commitment, dedication and hard work they too will earn a ticket to the next
       phase of their of education...a scholarship.

                         Saturday, May 18 at Salem Methodist Church in Eastover, the scholarship recipients were:

            Kalissa Anderson/Westover   Daniel Collins/Cape Fear  Taliyah Leighon Evans/E.E. Smith  Selena Miguel-Felipe/71st- Restore Warehouse Memorial Scholarship  Teralyn Harris/Cape
       Fear   Nevaeh Johnson/Harnett Central   Chance Jones/South View      Carolina McMillan/Pine Forest Keith D. Tillett, II/Jack Britt   Fernandus Vinson/Pine Forest    Nicole Ellen Wetzbarger/
       Pine Forest Restore Warehouse Memorial Scholarship and Matthias J. Wilson/Cumberland International Early College High School
                             We thank all of the supporters who worked together diligently to make this night happen.

               Please continue to support the future graduates; they too will focus on committing to be among the future scholarship recipients.
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