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                             NAACP Condemns UNC System’s Plan to Roll Back DEI Policies

               RALEIGH, NC - The NAACP North                                                                                                   the validity of our HBCUs which
          Carolina  State  Conference  stands  in                                                                                              are  founded  on  the  basic  prin-
          strong opposition to the recent proposal                                                                                             ciples of diversity, equity, and in-
          from the UNC Board of Governors’ Com-                                                                                                clusion.  Instead  of  embracing,
          mittee  on  University  Governance  to                                                                                               improving, and maintaining DEI
          eliminate the Diversity, Equity, and Inclu-                                                                                          programs, the Board of Governors
          sion (DEI) policy adopted in 2017. This                                                                                              is seeking to re-install a system
          proposed rollback threatens to undo criti-                                                                                           of separatism and intolerance. By
          cal progress made in creating equitable                                                                                              dismantling these programs and
          and inclusive educational environments                                                                                               removing associated staff, we risk
          for all students, particularly those from                                                                                            triggering a domino effect that
          marginalized communities.                                                                                                            will strip away resources and op-
               Deborah Maxwell, President of the           The UNC system, governing 250,000 students across 16 public universities            portunities for Black and Brown
          NAACP North Carolina State Conference, and the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, plays a pivotal role in             students across North Carolina's
          stated:                                     shaping the future of our state. The proposed defunding of DEI initiatives and the       public institutions.”
               “As we witness the alarming proposal UNC  Center  for  Civil  Rights  not  only  jeopardizes  the  academic  success  of             The NAACP North Carolina
          by the UNC Board of Governors to dis- marginalized students but also undermines efforts to address historical injustices             State Conference urges all stake-
          mantle DEI initiatives, we are reminded such as school segregation and environmental racism.                                         holders, including college presi-
          of the importance of our fight for justice       Francesca Mitchell, President of the NAACP North Carolina State Conference          dents, HBCU leaders, alumni net-
          and equity in education.  The elimination Youth & College Division, added:                                                           works, collegiate staff, and stu-

          of these policies is a direct attack on the      “As Youth & College President for the North Carolina NAACP State Confer-            dents, to unite in opposition to
          progress we have made in addressing sys- ence, I cannot stress enough how critical it is for all of us to oppose the UNC Board       this regressive proposal. We must
          temic  inequalities  that  affect  Black, of Governors' plan to eliminate DEI programs and the jobs connected to these pro-          protect the principles of diver-
          Brown, disabled, LGBTQ+, and rural stu- grams from the UNC System. This decision is not only reckless but also dangerous             sity, equity, and inclusion that are
          dents, among others. We cannot allow the as it follows the extreme tactics in Florida and Texas, where Black history, diverse        fundamental to our educational
          clock to be turned back on decades of narratives, and resources for students of color are being systematically erased from           institutions and ensure that every
          hard-fought advancements that have made public universities. This move also endangers progress at our PWI institutions and           student  has  the  opportunity  to
          our educational institutions more inclu- our HBCUs in North Carolina as it not only reverses decades of progress that have           thrive in a supportive environ-
          sive and supportive.”                       created a more inclusive environment for students and staff, but it also diminishes      ment.

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