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                                   From Cumberland County At Large Commissioner Charles Evans
             The Fayetteville Press

                                                                                                                                                                  Charles Evans
                                                                                                                             County  Commissioner

        Volume 31  No. 7                                                                                  July/August  2020  Edition  *   (910) 323-3120                                                                           Fayetteville, NC

                        Bruce’s Sports Bar and Lounge – 126 Person Street – Fayetteville, NC

                                 A Downtown Destination for ALL OCCASIONS!!

           Story  by  Queen  Degraphenrel

           Opened in 2017 as “Sugars”, this comfortable
       and  cozy  establishment  was  renamed  to  “Bruce’s
       Sports Bar and Lounge” in November, 2019 and of-
       fers entertainment to our growing Greater Fayetteville
       community, particularly catering to a mature “grown
       folks” clientele ages 25 and up. Centrally located at
       126 Person Street downtown, Bruce’s Sports Bar and
       Lounge is an integral part of downtown development,
       and continues to welcome those participating in “Fourth
       Friday” each month as they end their day by enjoying
       their favorite drink and dancing to the music that “fits
       their soul”. Music genres include “Old School”, “South-
       ern Soul”, “Motown”; and you name it, we got it. You
       can “dance to the music”; yes, line dancing is a part of
       the entertainment evening.
           A marketing plan designed to reaches ALL na-
       tions and caters to ALL generations, the plan offers
       clients the opportunity to choose their night of enter-
       tainment. Select your convenient day for your Evening
           Bruce’s Special  “Wings and Fries ‘ available each
           Sundays  - Bruce’s Slow Burn Sunday – Free
       entry (Members sign-up available), Whiskey and Bour-                       Big Bruce  (910) 263-6889  “Bruce’s Sports Bar and Lounge”
       bon , & Old School Jam.
           Tuesdays - Tequila Tuesdays – Tequila shots,       Saturdays – Space in available for reservations for private gatherings.
       salt and lemon (just $3.00)                            “Social Distancing” Rules in effect.
           Wednesdays - TOP 40s Night – Age 21 to en-         The owner of Bruce’s’ Sports Bar and Lounge is Mr.”Big Bruce” himself, a Fayetteville native, and an EE Smith “Golden Bull’
       ter, drink specials and food while it lasts.      graduate. Big Bruce still faces the challenges as other downtown located businesses.  However, he remained determined to be an
           Thursdays    -  Business  Happy  Hours  –  an integral part of the downtown revitalization. He Plans his Work, and Works his Plan.
       evening of networking over your choice of drink.       Bruce’s is an ideal location for private parties, wedding receptions, family and school reunions, birthday parties, business receptions
           Fridays – Friday Night Karaoke Party – with or any other special occasions to make a reservations, or just to tour the facility.  Catering services are provided upon request. For
       MC Jazz E. – Food and Drink Specials.             information  or reservations , call or text  “Big Bruce” at (910) 263-6889.

                                                                            The Second Chance Act

              On June 25, 2020, the most significant jobs and educa-
       tion bill in modern North Carolina history was signed into law.
       The Second Chance Act signifies a monumental shift forward                                                           could have entered a deferred-sentence plea and the charge would never
       in workforce development, education and housing opportuni-                                                           have appeared on his criminal record. The cost for this deferred action
       ties, and criminal justice reform. It is no exaggeration to say that                                                 was $500. Jaylen could not afford this opportunity, so he pled guilty to a
       the Second Chance Act will literally transform lives across North                                                    non-violent felony charge and was given parole.  Eventually, his housing
       Carolina and in our community.                                                                                       situation was resolved and he learned a trade at his local community
           The impact of this law resonates in its name. The Second                                                         college. Now 20, Jaylen has completed his parole and works in his trade
       Chance Act will provide just that – a second chance for North                                                        struggling to do the best he can to get by. If the Second Chance Act had
       Carolinians who bear the enormous burden of a criminal record                                                        not become law in North Carolina, Jaylen would still have nine more years
       of misdemeanors or nonviolent felonies. The law provides a                                                           of a required 10-year waiting period to fulfill before he could have his
       pathway to reenter the workforce without the obstacles, bur-                                                         criminal record expunged. A felony charge on his record for ten full years
       dens and stigma of a criminal record.                                                                                – for sleeping in a vacant house!
           One out of every five – a full 20% – of North Carolinians                                                            The Second Chance Act will allow him to immediately petition the
       have a criminal record. That’s 20% of the people in our state                                                        court to have his record expunged for that juvenile offense. A
       that have to navigate legal and regulatory landmines every                                                               new world of job, education and housing opportunities just opened
       single time they apply for a job, a loan, a housing purchase or                                                      to Jaylen – and thousands of youth offenders like him.
       rental, college admission and student financial aid. The Second                                                             The Second Chance Act also provides a great benefit to adults
       Chance Act provides a compassionate and streamlined approach                                                         with a record of misdemeanor convictions. Whereas previously, a single
       to repairing and remedying the criminal records of North Caro-                                                       charge could be petitioned for expunction from a criminalrecord, now
       linians with convictions or charges of misdemeanors and most                                                         individuals may petition for the expunction of multiple nonviolent misde-
       nonviolent felonies. Rather than the incremental change we                                                           meanors from their criminal records after a 7-year period of good behavior
       often see in criminal justice reform, The Second Chance Act is                                                       – a completely clean slate!
       an immediate overhaul – a game changer – that will give mil-                                                             The Second Chance Act will breathe new life into our communities
       lions of North Carolinians something they have been routinely     By Sen. Ben Clark and Dr. Dion Clark               by clearing the path for affectedindividuals to pursue promising careers,
       and systematically denied: a future.                                                                                 obtain housing, start businesses, matriculate at our institutions
           It may surprise those who have never been entangled in  jobs, education and housing.                                 of higher learning and become thriving citizens within the commu-
       the web of the criminal justice system, that many “criminal”  The Second Chance Act is the second of two laws recently passed in  nity. After a long battle and theefforts of hundreds of expungement activ-
       records contain charges that were dismissed and not-guilty  North Carolina that provide avenues for criminal record expunction in North Caro-  ists over the years, North Carolina has finally given its citizensa second
       verdicts. So, even for individuals who have never been con-  lina. In December of 2019, the “Raise the Age” law went into effect in North Caro-  chance. What we do with it now, is up to us.
       victed of any crime, a record still follows them that impedes  lina. As a result of this law, 16- and 17-year olds are no longer tried in adult courts  Sen. Ben Clark is the 4-term Democratic state senator for Senate
       their ability to participate fully in the American economy. Dur-  but in juvenile court. The Second Chance Act closes the loophole for youth offend-  District 21. He was a proud co-sponsorof The Second Chance Act legis-
       ing the years 2017 and 2018, more than 10,000 such charges  ers who were convicted of misdemeanors and most nonviolent felonies in adult  lation. Dr. Dion Clark is the pastor of Caesarea Worship Center in
       were expunged from records. This process required a petition  courts prior to Raise the Age. They too will now have their records expunged  Fayetteville. She has worked in numerous Democratic and Republi-
       and legal and financial resources that put record expungement  without the lengthy waiting period, cumbersome process and financial impedi-  can administrations in North Carolinagovernment.
       out of reach for many. The Second Chance Act automates the  ments.                                                       For more information or if you believe you are eligible for
       process of removing dismissed charges and not-guilty verdicts   Consider this real-world example of how this provision of The Second Chance  expungement under the Second Chance Act, contact your local District
       from criminal records, thus efficiently and systematically re-  Act will change lives: four years ago when Jaylen (not his real name) was a 16-year  Attorney.
       moving barriers for many North Carolin ians to gain access to  old homeless teen, he broke into a vacant house to sleep and get warm. In court, he
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