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            Volumn 32  No. 2                                                                              February/March 2021 Edition  *  (910) 323-3120                                                                          Fayetteville, NC

                         2021 Brings New Opportunities for Every Family

               140,000 state and federal li-

          censed agents are not enough to
          service all fifty states, Canada,
          Puerto Rico, and Guam. The fi-
          nancial services industry is fluid
          and individuals can begin earn-
          ing and learning from the age of
          18  all  the  way  to  100. We  are
          looking to help individuals get

          licensed to work from anywhere.
          If  you  are  already  licensed  or
          have served in any professional
          capacity, military etc.. if you are
          just starting out in life there are
          opportunities to learn and earn.
               In today’s economy we must
          take full control over our finan-
          cial situations to ensure we are
          leaving legacies and not just li-

          abilities for our next generations.
               Our goal is to help ordinary
          families  prepare  and  execute                                John H. Eldridge, District Leader, Part Time ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul, Rep, Part Time
                                                                                                Katrese Hutchinson, Senior Rep, Part Time
          sound  financial  decisions  for                                               Andreas Hutchinson, Regional Vice President, Full Time
          their  future.  We  have  already                                                For More Information Call (910) 224-3310
          shown many local families how
          to do just that and with our ex-        products as well a great business opportunity.

          pansion, we are prepared to con-             It’s everyone’s dream to “be your own boss” and we are here to turn that dream into a reality.
          tinue to grow locally by provid-             For more details or questions, please call John and join us every Sunday and Thursday at 7pm on Zoom.
          ing people with sound financial              #ID  87935946263  -Password:  099966

                    Commissioners Sworn-In, Elect New Chair and Vice Chair

               Three Cumberland County Commissioners took the                                                                         This will be his third term as the vice chairman. He was the
          oath of office Monday night, Dec. 7, during a special Board                                                                 chairman in 2017. He is an attorney and serves as the Chair-
          of Commissioners meeting held in the Crown Expo Center.                                                                     man of Action Pathways Incorporated and the Cumberland
               Commissioners Michael Boose and Jimmy Keefe were                                                                       County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council.
          sworn in after being reelected, and Toni Stewart took the                                                                        During his remarks, Evans outlined his priorities for
          oath of office for the first time after winning a seat during                                                               the year. He said he wants to establish a plan to identify
          the Nov. 3 general election.                                                                                                and  assist  the  homeless  in  our  community  “with  a  one-
               Following the administration of the oaths, the new                                                                     stop  center  designed  to  help  members  of  our  homeless
          board elected Charles Evans to serve as chairman for the                                                                    community  locate  and  access  resources  throughout
          year. Glenn Adams was re-elected as the board’s vice chair-                                                                 Cumberland County.”
          man.                                                                                                                             Other priorities include:
               Boose, Keefe and Stewart represent District 2.                                                                              supporting clean and healthy water in the Gray’s Creek
               Boose is a Fayetteville attorney who was first elected                                                                 area, as well as throughout Cumberland County.
          to th Board of Commissioners in 2016 and served on the                                                                           encouraging the development and construction of a
          Board of Education for 18 years, where he was elected the                                                                   Performing Arts Center.
          board chair for four terms. Boose has practiced law for more                                                                     completing  a  new  911  and  Emergency  Operations
          than 35 years. He was sworn in by District Court Judge Lou                                                                  Center and a state-of-the-art Fire and Rescue training cen-
          Olivera.                                                                                                                    ter in partnership with Fayetteville Technical Community
               Keefe is a business owner and military veteran who                                                                     College.
          was first elected to the Board of Commissioners in 2008. He                                                                      enhancing  communication  and  transparency  by  re-
          served as chairman in 2013 after serving as vice chairman                                                                   establishing the facilities, finance and policy committees
          in  2012.  Keefe  was  also  elected  to  two  terms  on  the                                                               and live streaming those meetings.
          Fayetteville City Council from 2001-2005. He was sworn in
          by Superior Court Judge Claire Hill.                                                                                             Working with the nine municipalities and the legisla-
               Stewart, who earned her doctorate in Biblical Coun-                                                                    tive delegation “to ensure our collective voices are heard
          seling from Family Bible College of Fayetteville, serves as                                                                 and that they impact the decisions that impact our lives.”
          the Special Project Manager at True Vine Ministries. She                                                                         Adams presented outgoing Commissioner Marshall
          formerly served as the Executive Director of the Hope Cen-                                                                  Faircloth, who served as the 2020 chairman, with a plaque
          ter women’s shelter. She was sworn in by acting Chief Dis-                                                                  and thanked him for his years of service as a commissioner.
          trict Court Judge Toni King.                                                                                                Faircloth thanked the commissioners and county staff for
               Evans was elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2014 and                                                                   their work in serving our citizens.
          2018 as an at-large representative. He was the board’s vice
          chair in 2017 and served two terms on the Fayetteville City  Commissioner Chairman Charles Evans                                 Commissioners Jeannette Council and Larry
          Council from 2005-2009. He is a disabled veteran and ex-                                                                    Lancaster complete the seven-member board.
          ecutive director of Life is Worth Living-Project Fresh Start.            (910) 978-6643
               Adams is an attorney elected from District 1 in 2014.
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