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                                                                                                                     gated though it resulted in substantially
                  Lipstick on a pig                                                                                  more damage than the market house by

                                                                                                                     Charles Pittman. Pittman was arrested
               The Market house is an age old economic, po-                                                          in  June  for  arson  and  damaging  the
          litical and sociological encumbrance for the growth                                                        physical structure of the Market House.
          of Fayetteville . The Black lives matter murial was                                                        He currently faces a maximum sentence
          in my opinion “ like putting lipstick on a pig”. It re-                                                    of 20 years and a minimum sentence of
          ally doesn’t make it any more palatable nor does it                                                        5 years in federal prison. Mr Pittman has    The  Fayetteville  Press
          cover the stinch of the old Slave Market as its often                                                      remained in jail for nearly 7 months.              Newspaper
          referred to by Local African Americans. Many of                                                            Charles Pittman is a 32 yr old honor-       “Your  Community  Newspaper”
          our  community’s  most  devout  Christians  have                                                           ably discharged soldier with two kids.
          struggled to explain and acknowledge its history. The                                                      In a revealing contrast a mature mob of           P.O. Box 9166
          phrase “it wasn’t only a slave market” has become                                                          Trump supporters stormed the Capital         Fayetteville * NC 28311
          a common response. The dehumanization at the                                                               and defiled the actual sanctuary of our       (910) 323-3120 - Office
          Market House of innocent human beings can never                    By Atty Allen W. Rogers                 government and most received citations
          be minimized or forgotten by its ancestry.                                                                 with a misdemeanor charge. The city in      E-mail:
                                                                              (910) 433-0833                         its silence asserts that because of fed-
               However, there was something about George                                                             eral funds being applied to the Market         *Publisher - JJ Jones
          Floyd a Black man whose roots lead back here be-    age and as densely settled as much of Western Europe".  Houses preservation damage albeit mini-
          ing placed upon a symbolic cross and killed. Floyd  According to the Corridor Coalition, I-95 serves 110   mal is the basis for such harsh charges         *General Manager
          lay in the middle of the street for the world to see  million people and facilitates 40 percent of the country’s  and punishment. The City council in its  Chrystal M. Thomas
          the plight of black men and women at the hands of   gross domestic product. This huge economic boost trav-  efforts to satisfy its political base re-
          police.  The incident sensitized the world to the ra-  els through major cities throughout the east corridor of  moved the Black Lives Matter Statement     *Sales Manager
          cial disparities that continue to exist in America.  the US. New York ; New Jersey ; Maryland ; Virginia   on the Matin Luther King holiday week-            Dwight Brown
               While some may disagree ; had it not been for  ; South Carolina ; Georgia and Florida are all touched  end. They now wish to place it back.          *Editor - Jae McKrae
          a video George Floyd would have been just another   by this resource. These statistics prove Fayetteville’s  An act that is perceived as merely re-      *Special Corespondent
          Black man killed by a police officer. Because George  proximity to both wealth and attraction. While I 95  applying the “Lipstick on a Pig.” Despite      Queen Degraphenrei
          Floyd’s outrageous and inhumane treatment was       could have been a central sphere of economic impact,   the logic of the powers that be, In place
          witnessed by the world there was no projected SBI   redirecting I-95 away from downtown was evidence       of the emotional feel good projects we           Public Relations
          investigation to allow the issue of his death to be  of tradition over progression.                        need jobs and economic opportunities.          Ms. Roxann Henagan
          loss by time and the latest news clip . Young people
          around the world responded to Floyds death and it        The preservation of the past rather than the invest-   As a downtown business person                *Photgrapher
          provoked those in denial in issues like the market  ment in the future of Fayetteville. While substantial ex-  I’ve witnessed countless citizens in dis-    Bruce Carpenter
          house to evaluate obvious disparities and often their  pense is now being made with 295 endless economic   may at the preservation of the Market         *Account Executives
          own biases. Racial disparity discussions became in  opportunities have been lost for generations because   house in the heart of our city. While I            Dr. Don Reid
          vogue . In an effort to acknowledge the moment in   the heart of this city has been tied to a Slave market  believe this badge of shame provides a            Chris Miller
          American history someone believed these words in    and its preservance. Fayetteville’s tradition of missed  consciousness that should never be for-    ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul
          a place with such a horrible historical would pro-  or squandered opportunities was witnessed in our most  gotten it needs to be monetized. I do not
          vide something positive. I still found it personally to  recent election. As Vice President Kamala Harris opens  consider it in its present state as adding
          be “lipstick on a pig. “. The Slave Market is sacred  doors for young black women and men from all walks   value to our city. There have been in-            *Distribution
          to Fayetteville. Given its uncompromising preserva-  of life ; Fayetteville and Cumberland county choose not  teresting conversations regarding how          Michael Dykes
          tion it indeed has been more important than our     to re elect our own Chief Justice Cheri Beasley to the  we might repurpose or rebrand it. The           Nero B. Coleman
          growth as a city and as a people. This is an attempt  Supreme Court of NC and nor to elect Justice Patricia  private conversations and sentiments
          to discuss its reverence and might.                 Timmons -Goodson as our US Congressman. They in-       will not allow leadership to do what’s           *Staff  Chaplain
                                                                                                                     necessary to best turn this property into
                                                              stead quietly chose two white male ; non Fayetteville                                                   Rev Larry O. Wright
               I-95 travels through Cumberland county with    residents. Another disheartening example of tradition  an asset. While the George Floyd inci-
          a length of 1,908 miles (3,071 km). I-95 is the long-  over investing in the future of our community.      dent has opened the door for discussions                      E-Mail:
          est north–south Interstate and the sixth-longest In-                                                       of racial disparities ; the divisions result-
          terstate Highway overall passing through 15 states       It is Political suicide for elected officials to dis-  ing from the last four years have made it
          (as well as a brief stretch in the District of Colum-  parage the slave market.                            an issue unlikely to be resolved with the
          bia while crossing the Potomac River). This is more      To say anything contrary to its reverence can     current divide that exist in our commu-            Web-Site
          than any other Interstate. According to the U.S.    quickly result in being targeting by those outside of the  nity. Who will compromise? Who will
          Census Bureau, only five of the 96 counties or      Black community that would prefer to chose leader-     put the best interest of  Fayetteville over            For
          county equivalents along its route are completely   ship within the black community. My letter to the council  that of politics? It is our hope that new
          rural. Statistics provided by the I-95 Corridor Coa-  ten years ago suggesting that it was an impro symbol  leadership will emerge that provides the        Subscriptions
          lition suggest that the region served is "over three  for a diverse city resulted in death threats and an arson  path and opportunity for growth pros-            Call
          times more densely populated than the U.S. aver-    attempt to my office building that was never investi-  perity and healing.                             (910) 323-3120

                                                                       Celebrating Our Month: Black History Month

                                                                                                            By Dr. Shanessa Fenner

                                                                   January 20, 2021 will go down in history as the inauguration of the first Black female Vice President of the
                                                              United States of America: Kamala Harris. As a proud Black woman, it made me feel good to witness a woman of
                                                              color take her oath to do this very important job in America. For many centuries, the Black woman has and
                                                              continues to be invisible, but the visibility is a little bit clearer now.

                                                                   Our young impressionable Black girls should be encouraged to dream and know that their dreams can become
                                                              a reality. They need to know about sisterhood and the importance of uplifting and encouraging each other without
                                                              having a jealous spirit. Grown women need to do better as well. There is no need to put down another sister
                                                              because of their talents or blessings because you have talents and blessings too. We all have the same 24 hours in
                                                              a day and have made decisions on how we will fill them.

                                                                   It is important for us to continue to be strong during this unprecedented time in America. Our country needs
                                                              to be healed. We are faced with the COVID-19 crisis, racism, civil unrest due to injustice, individuals without
                 Shanessa Fenner, Principal                   jobs, rioting, and drama. This is a time to stay prayed up.

                                                                   What does Black History Month mean to me? 2020 was the year that highlighted what being Black in America
                                                              means. This Black History Month means so much more to me because of what we endured in 2020 up to now. It
                                                              has been a year that I will never forget. There was a constant rotation of pain, anger, frustration, inequality,
                                                              tension, and drama, and it is true that history has a way of repeating itself because it surely did in 2020. This
                                                              month is a time for reflecting and sharing our history with young people because they need to learn about
                                                              themselves. Black History matters.

                                                                   Continue to wear your mask or two masks, stay 6 feet away from others, and wash your hands. With this new
                                                              COVID-19 variant that is highly contagious and more deadly, it is very important that you are extremely careful
                                                              of your practices and routines. Be safe and have a happy Black History Month.
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