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                                                              MATTERS OF THE HEART

                                                                    By Dr. Mary J. Ferguson

               It is the center, the core, and the most important organ of your body; once it stops, so do you.
           We use this word (heart) not only as a body organ but a core description of cultural behavior. On
           Valentine’s Day, we make sure that we show the ones we love that we genuinely care about them.
           We symbolize this day with passionate red hearts, red roses, candy, jewelry, dinners, etc. to show
           people dear to our hearts that we love them.  Simply ignoring this day can cause actions which can
           lead to spiraling reactions.  It is my belief that every living being has a heartfelt purpose, a need
           to be loved, heard, and a reaction for their passionate actions. It is simply described as ‘matters of
           the heart’. Children are taught the meaning of love in an innocent way but it has a powerful impact.
           I am sure you all can remember exchanging candy hearts in school and hoping you will get that
           special sweet heart which read, ‘Be Mine’.
                  2021 greeted us with immense hope, positive urgency, and an empowering desire to change
           matters of 2020. Many wanted to forget 2020 ever existed due to what seems to be a never-ending
           negative existence to mankind. The struggle is real; the test is real. Our hearts needed healing,
           reassurance, and restorable faith. I imagine that most thought that anything would be better than the  No man determines my worth.
           past year. I for one am determined to have at least thirty consistent days of positivity. Well, already  Until the hearts of man see Jesus,  Dr. Mary J. Ferguson
           our glasses are now half-empty or are they half-full?                                        Then, this country will have true rebirth.
                  Some said that during 2020 they would not look at the news. Some said the media infused  Every eye will begin to see and every ear will begin to hear,
           problems. I say that any and all of our experiences rest in the hearts of man. Matters are infused or  When the heart of man sees Jesus,
           diffused by the actions of man. When I reference ‘man’, I am referencing the ‘human race’. Our  It will then become oh so clear.
           matters shifted from one side of the playing field to the center-field; to the heart of the matter…  There will be no bias thinking,
                  Then the Hearts became divided into groups; each group being passionate about how mat-  No favor from any man.
           ters make their hearts feel. Each Heart will take accountability or recognition for their actions; may  Our favor will be from the Lord and He will use us to reach across to new men.
           they be good or bad. Many Hearts began to cause man to reflect on their behaviors and their  The matters of the heart will be filled to His expectations.
           beliefs. The Heart then tested their actions. Their actions were canonized around the world. Eyes  All of those who truly listen will be building true relations using stellar communications.
           began to watch and question the matters of the Hearts. Speeches began to be made. The infusion  So, I drove away from that scene,
           began to physically diffuse, but the heart was still hurting, bruised, and feeling that no man felt the  And I said, “Lord please touch this Land!
           pain that it felt. Excitement and Disappointment made the heart beat faster and panic began to set-  Because until the hearts of man know Jesus,
           in. Matters began to really matter. Where was the love in all of this passion? Love is what really  No sign will make a difference; you see each and every one!
           matters to the core of the heart.                                                            Until the hearts of man know Jesus.
                  Matthew 15:18 states that, “What comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart,      Then will the hearts of all men love and understand 2020-21!”
           and this defiles a person.” This reminds me of what my mother use to say, “Be careful what you  - Mary J. Ferguson (2021)
           say, words have power!” Many of you can remember before a fight in elementary school (twentieth
           century I might add); the taunting would start in the building, then the hecklers could not wait for
           recess to see the fight! The initial words would start with, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones,
           but words will never hurt me!’ WRONG! Words do hurt. Bruises heal but words are taken right to
           the core; they are heartfelt and remembered.
                  Thankfully, our God is a forgiving God. He knows the matters of every heart. The message
           on all of His candy hearts simply reads ‘Be Mine’. He can take a heartless heart and make it
           heartfelt. He can take a ‘heart of stone and mold it into a heart of flesh’ (Ezekiel 36:26).  God will
           cause your heart to be ‘born again’ (1Peter 1:3). God will command your heart and have you
           speaking forgiveness. He plainly says, “Do not lean on your own understanding but trust in Him
           (Proverbs 3:5). Many have interpreted 2020 and 2021 in their own understanding.
                  We are living in times of turmoil. These times are testing all of our hearts. Our elders are not
           as accessible as before and our leadership is being tested to its very core. The hearts of man need
           healing and reassurance that matters will matter, that love will love, that people will be redirected to
           the Word of God and its CORE meaning. There is nothing wrong with 2021; I simply believe that
           men need their hearts repaired. A tune-up is on order for the hearts of man; just as a piano, a car, or
           any instrument which does not sound sharp and clear. God is simply saying loud and clear, ‘Be
           Mine’! When we belong to Him, our hearts are not as heavy laden. Sometimes that is easier said
           than done. When we pray, it should be from the heart and we began wanting blessings for those
           closest to us. One of my resolutions is to extend those prayers for the haters as well as the lovers, for
           the weak and the strong, for the rich and the poor, for the saved and the unsaved, for the heartfelt
           and the heartless.
                  It is only human to feel heartless towards matters that hurt deeply but most importantly, it is
           a victory when you can forgive. It all takes time. Many have had that time during 2020 to think about
           matters of the heart. In the scheme of it all, ask yourselves, ‘Is it really that serious; does it really
           matter?’ Any heart can be repaired if taken to the right doctor. Remember, the only cardiologist who
           can repair, clean, and unclog your heart is Jesus! He works through man.
                In 1 Samuel 16:7, the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at the
           height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man
           looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”
                  As a female, wife, sister, mom, professional, and friend (to say the least), I have had in-            Scholarship Applications Accepted
           stances throughout life when I did not feel that I mattered or was valued. I was oh so wrong! I am                  March 1 - March 31, 2021
           truly loved and it sometimes failed on a human level but as the spiritual words of this song goes,
           “...He never failed me yet! Ohhhh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Can’t turn arooooouund! We’ve
           come this faaaaar by faaaaaith!”                                                            Applications will be available in the Office of the Guidance Counselors at Hoke
               WHEN THE HEARTS OF MAN KNOW JESUS                                                                     County High School and Sand-Hoke Early College
               I was driving along a street and I saw a message on the ground,
               I began to drive around it before I left this seemly troubled town.                                   S Scholarship Recipients 2014-2020
               The words were powerfully painted for all the world to see,
               I guess the people thought that they did not matter,
               So, they painted so their message would be boldly noticeably.                                                     Jada Alexis Jones – 2014
               The words read, ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’,                                                                        Brittany Renee Anderson – 2015
               The paint was yielding yellow!                                                                                  Michael Q. Edmonds – 2016
               It seemed to hail a message so that all could plainly see, HELLO!                                                  Taylor Wilson -0 2017
               I immediately thought how sad that we seemed to be forgotten,
               That the matters of the good heart had failed to leave its mark.                                               Zandea Nicole history – 2018
               Some faces were in pain, some were totally disgusted.                                                               Keeon Roper – 2019
               Some hearts went into prayer; some seem to be yelling ‘Busted’!                                                     Jerome Russell - 2020
               Remarks of remorse began hailing across my newsfeed on the cell,
               That’s when I said, ‘Oh Lord, this is not going over well.                                        One scholarship will be awarded to a student graduating from the Hoke County School System
               No one ever seems to win when wounds are filled with salt,                                         The White Oak School Community Project, Inc. is a 501 C (3), Non-Profit
               And until the hearts of man see Jesus,                                                   Donations made payable to the agency should be mailed to 107 Steeple Run Drive, Raeford, NC 28376
               Then He will allow us to actually see Us and our faults!’
               No sign defines my existence,
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