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  all have, so much so that I am now presenting at the next one in Sweden to highlight how the UK conducts their search operations. The conference brought up some future international collaborations open to all NATO members, from exercises in the US to handler improvement courses in Sweden and international canine biathlons in the Netherlands so look out for those events.
It wasn’t all work, work, work, there was a cultural visit to the US Capitol where the entire conference took a 30 min bus ride to Washington DC. There, we had a guided tour
of the Capitol building bumping
into a few US congress members
as the House of Representatives
was in session. After the tour we had some free time to explore and after a further 5-minute drive away from Capitol Hill we had arrived at the World War 2 Memorial located near the Lincoln Memorial. 10 minutes’ walk in either direction placed you at the Whitehouse or
the Lincoln Memorial both seen in many Hollywood movies and TV shows, with the day finished off with a social evening out in Virginia I’m really looking froward to the next one in Stockholm and future NATO conferences.
   ORemembrance Services 2022 in Thailand
n the 11th of November Kanchanaburi, Chungkai (River The Thailand standard was
2022 and Sunday 13th Kwai), and at the British Club carried by Rick Holmes (ex RAVC), November 2022, a total Bangkok. At all three Services, and a poppy wreath was laid at
of three Remembrance Services attended by Ambassadors and each service on behalf of the were held in Thailand. These three dignitaries of many nations the RAVC.
locations were, CWGC sites in Royal British Legion.
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