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    Commander’s Challenge Cup Cross Country Race
by LCpl Ellis Bracey 1 MWD Regt
Awindy, overcast Wednesday in February was the day set for the inaugural event of the 1 MWD Regt Commanders Cup for 2023, which also hosted race 6 of the Midlands cross country league. The 5-mile course was set up by Cpl Cowling and LCpl Hunter utilising the vast space across the airfield in North Luffenham. The course was fairly flat with thick grass, gravel, and a steep notorious off-road hill. The route was fairly easy going on the way out with good tail winds but horrendous on the way back in due to well-known strong head winds across the open airfield.
The race started with a large field of over 80 participants from 1 MWD Regt and units across the Midlands. 1 MWD Regt entered a large contingent of nearly 30 competitors who were keen to put in a good performance for the Regt and their Sqn. The race was tight between all the competitors with LCpl Ellis Bracey (105 MWD Sqn) and a competitor from the
Army Air Corps battling for 1st place throughout the race. It was a tightly contested fight to the end, but LCpl Bracey managed to put in a last- minute surge to take a fantastic win. There were some good battles taking place further back in the field as the
1 MWD Regt Sqns competed to take the all-important Commander’s Cup points.
All competitors ran an exceptional race over a demanding route. LCpl Ellis Bracey took first place overall and was first in the male category. Capt Karen Pettit (105 MWD Sqn) won the female race closely followed Capt Sue Roberts (103 HQ & Sp Sqn) and Pte Winter (105 MWD Sqn).
105 MWD Sqn had a strong result winning the Commanders Cup closely followed by 103 HQ & Sp Sqn.
Overall, a very good race and a great watch for any spectators.
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