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Report on Rear Ops Group (ROG) of 105 Military Working Dog Squadron
A Perspective of a New Member of the Team By Pte Andrew Fortune
While the majority of 105 MWD Squadron deployed on Exercise SHAMAL STORM to Jordan, a handful of MWDs and handlers remained in Chiron Lines in Sennelager. Handlers were tasked with keeping the remaining dogs well maintained, through ensuring that the welfare and continuation training of the dogs was kept at a high standard. Handlers still followed normal kennel routine each day, which included the dogs’ normal exercise routine, guaranteeing their  tness remained at a high standard.
During mid-March new handlers from the Defence Animal Centre, including myself, were posted from our Phase 2 course to the Squadron. As a new member of the Squadron, I had a number of expectations before coming out to Germany and the Field Army. Being given the opportunity to work outside the UK tempted me towards Germany. With the Regiment coming together in the near future back in the UK, I saw this as a good opportunity to get out and see a different part of the world.
The induction process we all went through was comprehensive and helped us to settle in quickly. Getting shown round the local area and camp over the  rst week in particular really helped our relocation. We had demonstrations of the various types of work the dogs perform within Chiron Lines and at near-by training areas. Each new member of the Squadron was also given a mentor to help us adjust to the new routine and life in Germany.
After being introduced to our new environment, we were each allocated our dogs to maintain and work. While the rest of the Squadron was in Jordan we could concentrate on the dogs and  nd our feet with the daily routine - it was great to  nally put into practice what we had learnt from Phase 2 training. When I arrived I saw one particular dog that stood out, MWD Pista, and I was keen to get to know him. To my amazement he was allocated to me, so straight away I was eager to start working and building a bond with him.
As well as beginning to work with our dogs, we also took the opportunity to continue to develop and enhance the MWDs’ environment by enriching one of the free runs. This was turned from an open bland space to an area with logs, tyres and a car. This now allows the dogs to have far more mental and physical stimulation while in the free run and is a great area for the MWDs to interact with the environment. The ROG also put together a clear plan to correctly isolate the returning dogs from Jordan, to prevent any exotic diseases transmitting between the dogs.
Coming out to Germany, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I have certainly enjoyed my time so far. I take every day as a new opportunity to develop my MWD skills with MWD Pista and to work with the rest of Squadron to develop my soldiering skills.
My fantastic MWD, Pista
Newly arrived 105 MWD Squadron soldiers: Pte Eleanor Robb, Pte Calum Johns, Pte Jessica Moon, Pte Andrew Fortune and Pte Jonathon Miller.
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