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SSgt (SSI) D Woolridge RAPTC
The end of another chapter; 2 Years, 8 months at what can only be described as a fantastic Field Force Unit. 12th Regiment (Regt) Royal Artillery (RA) was the perfect family Regt to be assigned too and brought back fond memories of my past Artillery employment prior to being in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC). Despite 12 Regt being the most operational unit in the Army currently, it was without doubt the most rewarding. Being constantly on the go matched my personality perfectly. Preparing the Regt for Operations and taking on unit/station tasks, the assignment just flew by. The location was perfect, after countless squabbles with the wife about me wanting to be
assigned up North. I am almost certain it was a squabble worth losing. On the southeast coast, Thorney Island (TI) is a hidden gem. Certainly not to be ruled out if you like the sun and sandy beaches; and most importantly, physically developing soldiers on the beach.
I found the whole assignment rewarding to say the least. I will be leaving the Regt knowing I made some difference, whether it was increasing the amount of Sport representation; increasing the unit’s deployability, securing infrastructure to be able to deliver the Army Physical Training System (APTS) and mentoring 9 potential AAPTIs onto an AAPTI course. Each AAPTI has their very own style of delivery
SSgt (SSI) J Atherton RAPTC
First year done and moving into my second and final year at 10 QOGLR. I personally
have learnt a lot from my first unit as a mainstream RAPTCI, both positives and negatives: Do the everyday simple things correctly and to the highest standard you know how, pick your fights as some aren’t worth your time and energy and don’t be scared to say ‘No’ as sometimes that is the right answer for the sake of the team.
10 QOGLR have been deployed on Op TOSCA from Sep 22 to Mar 23, having hosted several high-profile guests including Royalty. Following the devastating 2023 Turkey-Syria earthquake, a team of deployed PTIs led by Cpl Nitan and other members from 1 Sqn, took time away from their peacekeeping duties in Cyprus to organise a charity Doko race.
Back in sunny Aldershot on rear ops, the main intent and the phrase used regularly was to return to ‘a normal battle rhythm’ so we re-invigorated our PT with new timings and using our new S&C suite, appointed Rear Operations Group (ROG) sports OICs and then reintroduced the elusive ‘Sports afternoon,’ all with positive effect.
Leading into the summer of 2023 the unit returns to full strength and we go into back-to-back sporting competitions, our very own Commander’s Sword, Regimental Birthday & Colonel of the Regiment Khukuri Challenge 2023.
SSgt (SSI) J Atherton RAPTC delivering a sports competition opening brief
SSgt (SSI) K Feldsmann RAPTC
My third and final year in post is almost at an end and just like my previous two, it has been at full
pace with a lot of rewarding achievements along the way.
With the illegal invasion of Ukraine having no end in sight, the Regiment has been deployed to the eastern border of Poland to provide air defence and deliver vital training. Initially we were stood up for a 6-month deployment but have since been extended and will probably continue out there for the foreseeable future. The first deployment was a fast turnaround, so completing all the relevant Individual
Training Requirements (ITRs) was a top priority to ensure personnel were up to the standard before departing. With the first rotation now home, I noticed a large decrease in overall fitness. This is clearly down to the initial workload placed on the troops: establishing a daily routine; setting up equipment; living in a gym hall and having no access to proper facilities to train. We are soon to take up a better location to house the troops and have sent equipment out to support training delivery leaving us in a much better place.
Being deployed on two operations has placed a heavy demand on our troops with

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