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  As I reflect on what has been a positive year, I think of our RAPTCIs and the role as HQSW Regional Point of Command (RPoC). I am proud to have led our RAPTCIs whose impact at Unit and Regional level has been outstanding. Upon assuming the role, I was keen to build a collaborative, challenge- mindset culture that was underpinned by a strong team ethos. It has been a privilege to watch our RAPTCIs develop and have such a huge impact at Unit level whilst demonstrating ‘Esprit de Corps’ by delivering exceptional regional events. All of which has strengthened the Corps reputation throughout the Army. Our RAPTCIs and their families have remained my ‘True North’ and I am proud to have supported them whilst they achieve great things.
Geographically, the proximity of the Units in the region has allowed for HQSW G7 PD Branch initiatives to flourish and the role of a RAPTC RPoC in the SW truly embodies what the position should be. We are not a fighting Bde and, as such, focus our efforts on enhancing the firm base, which in turn allows the fighting Bdes to focus on operational outputs.
WO2 (QMSI) Bynorth RAPTC. What a fantastic year it has been as the HQSW QMSI. It’s a great role where you can still implement and make changes for the good and benefit of what we all wanted to do when we decided to transfer into our Corps. The quality and talent within the SW is immense, it really is a privilege to see first-hand the positive impact the RAPTCIs have within their organisations. The key with this role is mentoring, it like a continuous jigsaw of giving opportunities to the RAPTCIs so they can realise and show their potential; it’s about giving individuals the chance to set themselves up for further promotion within the Corps.
This year has suppressed any other year for sport. In with the big hitters was the Festival of Sport, over 900 Service Personnel (SP) from across the region took part in 15 events. A few weeks later
Regional Study Period Presentation by Lt Col (Retd) Sulle Alhaji
Capt (MAA) C Suffield RAPTC
 the first ‘Women’s Festival of Sport’ took place, which saw hundreds of SP who, due to being underrepresented and not being able to receive the same opportunities as the male counterparts came together for a multiple sporting competition.
Keep it simple, encourage sport at grass roots, give opportunities to novice soldiers who have never played or competed before. This is what our main mantle has been, to drive sport, we can only do this in the SW with the RAPTCIs who kindly volunteer to delivery first class events on top of their normal duties.
The fallout from these successful competitions has been two further initiatives; firstly, the ‘Women’s Sports League,’ a monthly competition for women. It is already a success, and huge appreciation to SSgts Price/Kemp for their continuing support, the network is growing and with this, so do the opportunities for women’s sport.
Secondly, we have introduced a monthly ‘Sports League.’ The aim again is to increase the opportunities for SP. Every Units’ Forecast of Events (FoE) is incredibly tight, and sometimes they might not be able to take part in competitions or even deliver sport. We live in the real world, whatever the reason, sport sometimes
takes a back seat. The ‘Sport League’ is designed so a SP can turn up and take part in organised sport. It’s as simple as that, no bells or whistles just opportunities for sport and again thanks to SSgt Jones for delivery.
Adventurous Training is a huge part of the entire PD piece and sometimes left out or quickly added late into a unit’s FOE. We were seeing some trends, the Covid excuses have now outlived their relevance. Together with SMI (now Capt) Brant who was the SMI at 20 Bde, we delivered a basic ‘how to’ presentation to reinvigorate AT, when you deliver regularly you know the processes, it’s straightforward but with time we all forget. Sometimes the analogy ‘do what you would like to do’ seems to work. So, this year for SW AT package we are heading to the Isles of Scilly for a week’s sea kayaking. Everyone talks about unit cohesion through PD, and AT is one of its finest tools.
One final memorable occasion, on the evening of the SW Regional Study Period, Lt Col (Retd) Sulle Alhaji delivered his remarkable presentation recounting his experiences with The Parachute Regiment during the Falkland Conflict, truly amazing to hear and a genuine thankyou from all within the SW.
   Women’s Festival of Sport – Commander
Festival of Sport

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