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   4Military Intelligence (MI) Battalion (Bn) is a busy organisation that requires collaboration of multiple
cap badges to sustain the unit’s capability. In terms of unit strength, 4 MI Bn this year has gone from a Major to a Minor Unit, however the Service Personnel (SP) are dispersed across numerous locations around the country. Due to the geographical challenges that face 4MI Bn, the unit takes every opportunity it can to host Bn concentrations to conduct training and to enhance cohesion. Over the previous twelve months the unit has continued to provide support on Op SHADER and deployed troops on numerous other operations. The Bn was also the driving effort behind Op CABRIT, providing support at the tactical, operational and strategic level.
Even though it has been a challenging and busy time, our department has been able to qualify four Physical Training Leaders
SSgt (SSI) A Baikie RAPTC
to support the unit in their delivery of Physical Development, with one out of four SP going on to do their AAPTI Cse.
In September 2022 members of 4 MI Bn competed in their annual Spartan Warrior Competition. This competition is designed to crown one male and one female as the Spartan Warriors of 4MI Bn for that year. The competition tests all elements of fitness, endurance, speed, power and strength. The competition was tough and lasted over 5 hours of continuous physical activity. We started with 62 competitors, over five different events and eventually it came down to the final three males and females with only one from each category claiming victory.
4 MI Bn is a busy unit with constant individual trawls, deployments, Bn exercises and the forever incoming fastballs. One of our main efforts was to promote sport and a healthy
competition within the unit, we did this by implementing the Commanding Officer’s Cup. This competition offered a variety of sports, physical development-related tasks and military skills. Individuals across all the sub-units competed in volleyball, cricket, athletics, football, orienteering, cross country, and the Gorkana Cup loaded march event, to name a few.
Despite having sparse numbers throughout the Bn over the last 8 months, the unit has been engaging well in wider sporting events whenever possible, including some podium finishes across various competitions. The women of 4 MI Bn have been driving forward within their sport and have been performing particularly well with several podium wins, Olympic lifting, British Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF) and netball to name a few. 4MI Bn continues to promote sport and strives to progress their personnel.
SSgt (SSI) A Baikie, SSgt Simmonds and Sgt O’Brien - Female Masters winners in the BAWF South Event 3

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