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   WO2 (QMSI) Watson Ghurkha Leaving Gift
began 23 years ago and I have no regrets as the journey has been fruitful to say the least, the memories & stories I take with me are priceless and will cherish forever. With the next page in my life about to turn I wish everyone a fond farewell and all the best in your futures - Mens Sana in Corpore Sano
Never “A dull day” at the Infantry Training Centre (ITC), Catterick. ITC continues to evolve and produce Infantry Soldiers to the Field Army, with “continuous improvements” being implemented in both Basic Training (BT) and Initial Trade Training (ITT). The ITC Physical Development (PD) department run eleven Physical Training (PT) programmes; these programmes vary in duration ranging from the two-week reserve Combat Infantry Course (CIC) to seven-month Gurkha CIC.
Throughout my two years as the Gymnasium QMSI I have been heavily involved in the design, development and implementation of all eleven CIC PT programmes. This has included the PARA CIC PT programme, ensuring personnel are at the required standard to successfully complete P-Company. To meet the delivery demands of the PT programmes,
ITC has had a substantial uplift in PD infrastructure and PT equipment, with the addition of an outdoor indigo gymnasium and designing of workable gym floor space to assist in the delivery of the CIC courses.
ITC also hosted the first Army Recruiting and Initial Training Command (ARITC) PD Symposium; the aim of this symposium was “Informative, Engaging and Fun” and brought together instructors from a wide variety of ARITC units. The two days consisted of PD briefs and physical activities delivered by several service providers.
SSgt (SSI) C Mayhew RAPTC
The pace at ITC hasn’t slowed this year, with over 42 platoons conducting training at any one time. The Training Coordinator is a busy role, building the Physical Training Programme (PTP) to cater for the 42 platoons and allocating the 30 plus All Arms PTIs to their respective lessons. Additional challenges come from the continual requirement for the PTIs to attend the relevant promotional, qualification and career courses to remain competitive against their peers back at Battalion.
In conjunction, ITC also ran its annual Boxing event, this being the first one since COVID and the reduction of the earlier restrictions. The event saw ITC host Army Boxing Association vs Boxing Scotland, in what turned out to be an outstanding evening of Boxing. The event provides the recruits in training the opportunity to witness CDRILS through a different lens, and potentially inspire them to conduct a sport they like within the Army in the future. The evening also provides the chance to raise money for a local charity. This year the charity was ‘Healthier Heroes’ for whom we managed to raise an impressive £12,000.00 thanks to the sponsors on the night.
Sgt Santosh Rai, Syndicate Leader 3
Syndicate Leader 3 is a newly created appointment for a Gurkha AAPTI SNCO. This is a unique job, where an AAPTI performs a similar role to a RAPTCI. The role involves recruiting duty, managing Gurkha AAPTIs, coordinating Gurkha training programme and delivering Gurkha CIC PD syllabus.
I have been very fortunate to serve as AAPTI in ITC Catterick previously. So, I knew what to expect from the job and luckily all the RAPTCI personnel in the gym are my colleagues from previous tenure. This massively helped me to settle down into the job.
Since taking over the job, I had been heavily involved in redesigning of Gurkhas CIC PD syllabus to cater for the Brigade of Gurkhas requirement. I have become the custodian of newly built Stubbs VC Gym in 2ITB, ensuring it runs smoothly and safely is the top-most priority on a daily basis. Additionally, I am the Chairman of ITC Cross Country and Athletics. We have been very successful this season winning the UK North Cross-Country League Race, UK North Championships and runner-up in UK North Cross Country Relay Race.
This year we have recruited 204 personnel into the British Army. My role in the selection process is to conduct all the physical tests. The test involves Doko Carry (15 Kgs Weight, Uphill 5.6 Km), 2Km Run, Jerry Can Carry, Med-ball throw, and Mid-thigh pull. This year recruits managed to break the record of Doko and 2 Km run, 33 mins 21 secs and 6 mins 3 secs respectively. The selection in Nepal is super busy, but all the hard work pays off when we gain some great new recruits at the end of it and an added perk is getting to see your loved ones whilst there.
  Sgt Santosh with team in Nepal
Ghurkha PT

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