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  For those who might not be aware, Initial Training Group (ITG) is the 1* Op Gp that delivers Basic Training
(BT) for all Regular and Reserve soldiers. ATC Pirbright, ATR Winchester and AFC Harrogate will soon be joined by ITC Catterick as the Regular Units that will form the newly established ‘Soldier Academy.’ ATR Grantham and Army Training Units (ATUs) in Northern Ireland, Edinburgh, Exeter, York and Kohima Coy in Pirbright make up the Reserve contingent. ITG is also the 1* for the ASPT and Army Staff Leadership School (ASLS), so the reach is far and wide.
Personally speaking, what a great year it’s been! Now over a year in post, I’m able to (hopefully) offer real value to all units within the group and feel that the work we’ve all done within the BT domain has moved in a positive direction.
One of my primary tasks has been to undertake a full Army Reserve PD Pathway review. This was a very complex beast, but hopefully the outcomes offer more structure and support to those who need it. Additionally, I’ve led 3 x Jordanian Armed Forces Short Term Training Teams (STTTs), created a multi layered 1* PD
WO1 (SMI) R Harnden RAPTC
 This year has seen another busy schedule here at ‘the Military Academy of the North.’ The Army Foundation College (Harrogate) (AFC(H)) facilitates all things PD for our 1300 Junior Soldiers (JS) and 300 Permanent Staff (PS) members. Fox Coy has found itself in the unique situation where it saw a complete changeover of PS and RAPTCIs; with myself taking over the QMSI role, SSgt Jenna McGrevey as Trg-Coord, Sgt Stu King as Sport & Skills Coord, Sgt Robin Wilkins as A-Syndicate Leader, Sgt Adam Dyson as Leadership & Initiative Trg (L&IT) and B-Syndicate Leader, and Sgts Beau Rigby and Ali Townsend taking over the ERI appointments in the PCRF.
We have had another successful year in our RAPTC Selection pipeline driven by Sgt Rigby, with 6 AAPTIs successfully being selected. There have been numerous sports competitions which included the 4 Bde Cross-Country, Badminton, Volleyball and Netball; as well as the annual Junior Soldiers (JS) Inter Coy Athletics, commanded by SSgt Charlton. The L&IT wing have continued their
Corps SM Visiting the Fox Coy RAPTCIs
Directive suitable for all ITG Units, DS on RAPTC selection a few times (these are fantastic weeks to be a part of!) and all the normal staff work and assurance pieces.
I’ll keep my bit short and leave it to the team to explain their journeys over the past 12 months.
HQ ITG Summiting ‘the Fan’ in Jul 22

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