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    Sgt (SI) King - Army Sports Awards 2022 Official of the Year Nominee for Olympic Weightlifting
excellent AT delivery, allowing JS to earn the coveted Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award; championed by the L&IT Team (SSgt Kerr and Sgts Jennings and Dyson). We also had the honour and privilege of the RAPTC Corps SM visiting our Fox Coy RAPTCIs whilst attending our annual JS Inter Company Boxing championships, commanded by Sgt Rush.
2022-23 has also provided us with another opportunity to refine and develop our Physical Training Programme for Common Military Syllabus (CMS) 21 (Refined), which further aligns our tactical Strength & Conditioning (S&C) portfolio with the Army Physical Training System (APTS) and Phase 2 trg. Project Athena (female JS support initiative) assisted by SSgt McGrevey and Sgts Rigby and Townsend provided coaching within physiology and psychosocial areas. Op ACHILLES (Para JS support initiative) assisted by Sgt Wilkins with preparing our recruits
JS Inter Coy Boxing Light Heavy Weight Final 2023
aiming for a career with the Parachute Regiment. Within the PCRF, Sgts Rigby and Townsend have worked tirelessly to ensure JS and PS are rehabilitated back to a highly trained state, whilst minimising any reversibility of training.
Sgt (SI) Rush RAPTC
AFC(H) Inter Company Boxing Competition 2023. Planning and organising the AFC(H) Junior Soldier (JS) inter-company boxing competition is no easy task. However, having been the 2IC for the event’s predecessor in Aug 22 I had all the insight to improve on its success. Over 100 JS initially began the boxers training program in the lead up to the competition, in which a total of 39 bouts took place during the prelims and finals night. The months of behind-the- scenes hard work of the JSs and coaches culminated in an exceptional finals night on the 2 Feb 23. With Commander ITG and the Army SM amongst the VIP spectators,
the evening exceeded all expectations due to the courageous efforts of all the JS boxers, with Peninsula Coy being crowned 2023 winners.
CMS(R) 21 Physical Training Programme Update. I kicked off 2023 by reviewing and designing the new CMS(R) 21 Physical Training Programme (PTP). The new PTP had one simple aim: Applying the principles used in the APTS, to develop JS for peak performance on the RFT Basic Training (BT) output tests, and subsequently meet the demands of Initial Trade Training (ITT). The process began by revisiting the RFT Entry (E) test model, and its subsequent change from a 2km run assessment to the Multi-Stage Fitness Test (MSFT). Within the PTP refinement, I also sought to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered to the AFC(H) recruits. The College’s Short (6 month) and Long (12 month) course intakes allow the programme to capitalise
   Sgt (SI) Townsend Overseeing a Rehab Session
Maj Webster Belaying a Member of PS in Calpe, Spain
PS & JS Approaching the Crag

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