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Asteady first quarter saw WO2 (QMSI) D Read RAPTC complete his handover with the incoming QMSI PD, WO2 (QMSI) R Blake RAPTC. For what has been an enjoyable 3 years, QMSI Read will be sad to see the end of his time at 1 RSME, but is looking forward to the challenges of working in a Tri-Service environment at Wattisham Flying Station.
The first two weeks in post for QMSI Blake coincided with the Royal Engineer Games hosted at 32 Engineer Regiment Catterick. As the team captain, it was QMSI Blake’s responsibility to execute the transport plan moving 170 competitors 280 miles for a week-long competition between 30 units competing in 24 sports. After a busy week of competition, 1 RSME finished in the top 8, not a bad effort for an Initial Trade Training (ITT) Unit. 1 RSME look forward to hosting the Royal Engineer Games in 2023, where over 2500 service personnel will descend on Chatham Station.
In Nov 22, QMSI Blake hosted Maj (MAA) J Murdoch RAPTC and WO1 (SMI) S Pyburn RAPTC from Land Warfare Centre (LWC) to conduct a Physical Development Audit (PDA). Due to COVID-19, 1 RSME hadn’t received a physical PDA since 2019. After jugs and jugs of coffee (mostly drank by Maj Murdoch) as expected, all was in good order. 1 RSME also hosted its annual Inter Sqn Boxing night in November which saw 12 Novice bouts streamed live on
 Chatham Station’s New Physical Training facility
 WO2 (QMSI) R T Blake RAPTC and Cpl N Sanderson at the highest point of the 3 Valleys, France
YouTube. As described by CO 1 RSME, Lt Col G Cheesman RE: “A fantastic evening of quality bouts where all of the boxers demonstrated the core values in spades”.
With a big final push to the year, in January 2023 1 RSME’s new and improved physical training facility was installed and in February 1 RSME hosted the RE Boxing Champs and this was followed in March 2023 with the long awaited and much deserved annual Gym Staff Ski trip organised by the Gym 2IC Cpl Sanderson.
Chatham Station’s Old Physical Training facility

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