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 Alot has changed within the Infantry Battle School (IBS) since I last put pen to paper for MBS; significant changes to say the least and, critically, changes that will shape the future of the Infantry. With the Russia and Ukraine conflict showing no signs of let-up, it is vital that the IBS remains ahead of the curve by ensuring our establishment is transforming at the pace of relevance and correctly preparing Commanders for future operations. The Infantry needs its Commanders to be role fit, physically and mentally robust, conditioned for arduous soldiering and above all else, they must be able to lead from the front and inspire the soldiers under their command. This is where the PT staff can assist...
Since the creation of our new 1* HQ Combat Manoeuvre Centre (CMC) in April 22, the IBS has had a constant spotlight shining down into Dering Lines. With a deep desire to remain the ‘centre of excellence,’ we have been directed to assist Army HQ with a number of research and development projects. Always a ‘hot’ topic, the Army’s climatic injury prevention programme, Project SALAMANDER, sits firmly at the top of our list. This has provided an excellent opportunity for the Gym staff to trial a prototype monitor designed by
‘iWBGT’ Prototype Monitor
the Institute of Naval Medicine (INM), labelled the ‘iWBGT.’ The iWBGT is a fully- networked Wet Bulb Globe Thermometer (WBGT ) monitor that has the ability to send readings direct to a phone application, accessible by all commanders on the ground. It’s an excellent concept - hopefully, it comes to fruition.
The ‘Risk Reduction Exercise’ (RRE)
Following the success of the Physical Employment Standards (PES) ‘Next Steps’ research, the IBS now has a new physical entry standard which will commence in April 23 – the Risk Reduction Exercise (RRE). Designed by Chichester University using evidence-based data from our tactics courses, the RRE will ensure
that soldiers who successfully complete the test will be at the required standard to pass their Commander’s Course, removing unsuitable candidates and most importantly, reducing the risk of student musculoskeletal injuries (MSKI) in the early stages of each course. The new 4km/4km model has similarities to the Royal Marines Role Fitness Test (RFT), albeit with faster timings. Initial trials have been positive and the new RRE’s implementation will become a pivotal moment in the future of our Infantry Command Courses. This is a big step in the right direction.
Sport and Adventurous Training
On a sporting front, the IBS sporting ethos is ever present. Driven by our Gurkha Coy,
 The Risk Reduction Exercise (RRE) taking place on SENTA

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