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  ITC PCRF continues to rehabilitate recruits to the high standards expected with a return rate of over 70%.
This has been due to the continuous professionalism of the department staff, all of which aim to improve the morale of the recruits, enhance the kit and equipment and change the aesthetics to make the environment more appealing. Making us continually strive to better all that attend the PCRF.
Not only is improving the recruits’ morale important to the team, keeping the staff morale/mental state high means planning trips out and meals together with the families involved, which has been a pivotal aim throughout the year. Trips out, such as bowling, walks in the countryside and horse racing trips have all been received with open arms. In addition to this, an uplift in the PCRF’s Physical Training Equipment (PTE) has been provided through Sgt (SI) Ryan Burns, as well as improvements to the office; a new kitchenette installed and an all-important coffee machine which is on constantly... as you’d expect!
A change in staff has seen the new QMSI (WO2 Martin Laker) take over and go all guns blazing, assisting in lessons and providing new ideas and views on how to improve the way others view the department within ITC. Having the CO and other hierarchy from the Training Environment come along and get a better
understanding of the rehab process within ITC has helped change the
Sgt (SI) Stevie Fallon conducting a Late’s Rehab Swim Session
SSgt (SSI) K Richardson RAPTC
 view. Sgt (SI) Stevie Fallon has become a great addition to the team, having come straight from JSSERI, Stanford Hall, by jumping straight in and getting involved with every task to the highest of standards, such as reviewing and amending the Paras return to training outcome measure.
The current staff have also been busy with Sgt (SI) Ryan Burns having been sent on a deployment to Estonia on Op CABRIT for 3-months to assist in the rehab requirements whilst also completing a degree in Sports Psychology and continuing with helping the department keep on track. Sgt (SI) Josh Downes continues to build on his amazing DJ-ing career having been signed by a reputable music producer, we may see him on the
TV in a few years’ time. SSgt (SSI) Kev Richardson has continued to develop on his mountain biking qualifications and has instructed overseas for numerous units, such as: 71 Engr Regt on Ex WINGED BIKER and 1 Royal Irish on Ex SHAMROCK SHRED and many more with great feedback from all.
As we move forward, the ITC PCRF will only get stronger and build on the departmental morale, new faces will come in and old faces will leave. With such a great working mentality and social life our intent for the next year is to improve the lived experience of staff through an uplift of the changing rooms and working spaces, with that, things will only get better and better.
SSgt (SSI) Kev Richardson (far right) instructing on Ex WINGED BIKER

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