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Sgt (SI) D Ballard RAPTC
With the changing of the guard in 2022, Sgt (SI) Hobbs and Sgt (SI) Ballard replaced SSgt (SSI) Glass and Sgt (SI) Pun, bringing with them new ideas and initiatives. The RAPTCI’s primary role is rehabilitating the potential officers of the future, therefore the team explored other organisations that have similar objectives. Firstly, visiting the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) and gaining insight into their rehab pathway. Lastly, a day trip to Flint house Police Rehabilitation Centre, where the focus was to share practices and enhance patient care. Aside from the rehabilitation, Sgt (SI) Steve Hobbs bagged his first cap for RAPTC RFC where he earned ‘Apostle No 75’ and reunited with former boss and friend, SSgt (SSI) Luke Brimble. Finally, Sgt (SI) Dan Ballard was awarded the Long Service and Good Conduct (LS&GC) medal for completing 15 years from September 2007 – 2022.
Sgt Ballard and Sgt Hobbs receiving LS&GC
Sgt Hobbs being awarded his Apostle number from SSgt Brimble
SSgt (SSI) P Robinson RAPTC
PCRF Tidworth works in collaboration with the Queen Elizabeth Memorial Health
Centre (QEMHC) and Bulford’s medical treatment facility (MTF): with a PAR of over 14,000, making it the largest PCRF in Defence. There has been much change over the last year; a new OC - Maj Thompson, B7 - Physio Lara Ryan and Lead ERI - SSgt Robinson, were assigned in Aug 22. PCRF 2IC - Capt Dewan returned from a 6-month Estonia deployment in Oct 22. ERI - Sgt Chris Scott is due to leave the department in Mar 23 to attend the All Arms Commando Course (AACC), to achieve his lifelong dream of wearing the coveted green beret. The final addition to the team has been Sgt Josh Exton who brings a wealth of knowledge to the department from his time at RRU Bulford.
What makes PCRF Tidworth an amazing place to work is the staff training and CPD opportunities available for all staff. Fortnightly clinical training sessions are produced and delivered by staff and have been a real highlight of the past year. Looking to the future, the PCRF is gearing up to deliver a regional in-Service training day at Tedworth House in Apr 23.
SSgt (SSI) P Robinson RAPTC
Sgt (SI) E Fife RAPTC
Another busy year for the WGMP, which consists of three PCRFs; ATR Winchester, Worthy Down and Marchwood. We had our first Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection as a group this year resulting in positive feedback from the Group OC.
With SSgt (SSI) Robinson and Sgt (SI) Craft moving on, two new ERIs were assigned to Worthy Down. Sgt (SI) John and Sgt (SI) Duran quickly settled into their new posting, focusing on establishing a Level 2 reconditioning setup to enable a seamless transition from clinical rehabilitation care towards Level 3 PT. This is on top of
providing rehabilitation to permanent staff in a Tri-Service establishment.
The Marchwood PCRF team have had to adapt to the challenge of delivering rehab with disruptive infrastructure problems, adapting to the situation by utilising other locations within the Group.
ATR Winchester’s ERIs continue to provide rehab for Phase 1 Recruits and Permanent Staff. A small infrastructure uplift has allowed us to maximise the space available, creating an effective functional area for group classes to be delivered and for patients to conduct their individual rehabilitation programmes.
 Flint House visit with Capt Tiffin, Rebecca Haryett and Capt McGillion (OC PCRF)

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