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  The quote by Joe Root resonates with me. As RAPTCIs we inspire those around us on a daily basis. Soldiers and Officers look to us for inspiration. If we enjoy what we do, others will follow. This is true of cricket, those that love the game inspire those around them, in-turn they pick up a bat and take to the field.
For the RAPTC Cricket Club the Summer of 2022 was our biggest cricket season to date (and our hardest) as we entered both the Inter-Corps T20 and 50-over cricket competitions. For those that have no idea about cricket, the average T20 games last around 3 hours and it can take up to 9 hours to complete a 50-over game!
In both competitions, we were up against some very tough and well-established Corps sides. Most notably the Infantry side in the Inter-Corps T20, who had just returned from 2 weeks in Barbados prior to facing us in the opening fixture! Let’s just say the cricket Gods were not in our favour.... However, we gave a good account of ourselves being a very junior side, both bowling and fielding units worked well, but ultimately the Infantry came out on top. Unfortunately, we did not make it out of the group stages but as a team we learnt an incredible amount.
In the 50-over competition we knocked all of our previous records for six. These records included - most runs scored, most wickets taken, most time spent in the field, longest game, and my favourite; most balls lost (£35 a ball was a bitter pill to swallow) and all of this in one match, on the hottest day of the year!
Joe Root, former England Cricket Test Captain.
Sgt (SI) S Harris RAPTC
“We should be looking to inspire every living person in this country to play the game of cricket.”
 Sgt (SI) S Harris and Sgt McQuade (Class 1 Cse) – Pre-match selfie - RAPTC vs 30 Sigs in Nuneaton
The Future of the RAPTC Cricket Club is bright. In 2019 I came up with a five-year plan to re-activate the Corps Cricket side.
With the brilliant guidance of WO1 Roger Harnden and WO2 Andy Brown (not forgetting our president, Maj Chappell) who all assisted me, I can confirm that the RAPTC Cricket team is an active and official Corps team!
In closing, all members of the RAPTC Cricket Team will commit to the quote at the head of this article. Inspiring the country may be tough, but inspiring those around us to join us on the cricket pitch, soaking up the sun, and now and again running after a ball shouldn’t be too tough.
  In the field - Record breaking game Vs AMS CC
WO2 Andy Brown - All Smiles at the Pavilion.

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