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  Ihave had the privilege of being the RAPTC Orienteering Secretary for 6 years now. I have seen the sport
grow in numbers each year, but we are always looking for more members. Each year, RAPTC Orienteers come together to compete in the annual RAPTC Orienteering Championships that consists of a 1-hour score event. The individual that get the most check-points in the quickest time is the winner.
In Oct 2022, this took place on Long Valley North. We saw 12 RAPTCIs take part and battle through the check points to be crowned the RAPTC Orienteering Champion. With a total of 230 points out of a maximum of 300 points was Capt (MAA) Al Harris in first place. Lt Col (MAA) Chris Deed came second with a total of 180 points. I cannot write this without a big shout out to our guest runner, Lt Col (Retd) Steve Collinson who came away with 247 points and would have won if he was still serving.
In additionally to the RAPTC Orienteering Championships, we also enter a team in the Inter Corps Orienteering Championships. There are 2 events, one during the day and the other at night which took place in Ellington Banks, Ripon. Capt (MAA) Harris, WO2 (QMSI) Bloomer and SSgt (SSI) Kerung battled against the other Corps finishing in 5th place overall. Another big shout out to Capt (MAA) Harris and WO2 (QMSI) Bloomer who came first in their age category on one event each.
We also embarked on an Overseas Sports Visit (OSV) last year to the Croatian island of Brac. The team consisted of Maj (MAA) Logan, Capt (MAA) Harris, WO1 (SMI) Blackburn, SSgt (SSI) Steele, SSgt (SSI) Harrison and SSgt (SSI) Kerung. Stunning scenery, delicious food and some harsh terrain led to an unforgettable visit. The competition consisted of 4 races over 3 days - 2 forest events and 2 urban events.
Day 1 was the first forest event, and the realisation that the terrain was harder to
SSgt (SSI) R Harrison RAPTC
 navigate than anything we had ever come across before. With courses of varying length, every member of the team was out longer than they had expected as they got used to the new ground. Maj (MAA) Logan had a great first race, putting those ATI navigation skills to effective use.
Day 2 was the biggest day of the competition and would see us all taking part in another forest race, followed by a night urban event. The day event was hampered by fog that did not lift an inch until all competitors were in, SSgt (SSI) Steele and SSgt (SSI) Kerung were entered into the elite class (not sure how, not sure why, but it made great amusement for the rest of the team) and were out for just over 4 hours trying to navigate the course. Once all competitors were finished it was back to the hotel for a few hours rest, food and a jump in the sea before getting ready to complete in the urban event. The night event was a lot shorter, and all team members put in a good performance, especially
WO1 (SMI) Blackburn who could be seen sprinting around the harbour, before quickly taking up position as the unofficial videographer for the rest of the team’s finishing checkpoint. Needless to say, the team had a newfound confidence in their navigation, and a desire to stay away from the dense Croatian forests.
Day 3 was the final day of competition and another urban event in the village of Pol. This race was short in length (2-3km), but the terrain was steep making the navigation a little bit harder as you were zooming down narrow alley ways or crawling up steep paths trying to push to the top. A great day to close the competition.
Orienteering is a sport that tests fitness, route selection and navigation either solo or as a team. We are always looking for new members to join the team for our sport regardless of experience. Come along and give this incredible sport a try.
RAPTC Championships
   RAPTC Championships Winner and Runner Up
The Team at the Inter Corps Championships
OSV to Croatia

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