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  Well, here I am, coming to the end of my first year as Regimental Secretary; I’d like to start by thanking my good friends Lt Col (Retd) Gary Jones, for retiring at a great time for me, and Lt Col (SMAA) Jase Hughes RAPTC for driving forward the requirement for Gary to be replaced as soon as possible, thus creating the opportunity for me to apply for the job.
Much of the Association’s activity has been covered already by Brigadier Chamberlain’s Annual Statement as Chair of the RAPTC Association Executive Committee, therefore I won’t repeat much of that which has already been covered.
My early days in appointment were made so much smoother due to the excellent handover and notes provided by Gary Jones, the ever-efficient work of Mrs Jules Fairclough and the patience of Mrs Jade Davis whilst I asked hundreds of questions about the accounts. The Corps Sergeant Major, WO1 (Corps SM) Duncan Southern-Naylor RAPTC rapidly became ‘a friend in the butts’ and a very good sounding board. We spent many hours throwing around ideas and discussing the pros and cons of how we could introduce new concepts, revisit old ones or just make the current ones better; some we did, and others were pushed to the side.
The backbone of the Association is our Regional Branches and the stalwart volunteers that comprise the Branch Committees. The work they do on our behalf is greatly appreciated and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting around the various Branch Reunion weekends and meeting new faces. They are also fundamental in providing support to the families of our Association Members when they sadly pass away; a difficult and emotional responsibility, but one they do with great care and compassion, for which I thank them deeply.
L to R: Jarrod Steadman (Museum Curator), Regimental Secretary, Rodney Trenam, SMAA and Corps SM at Royal Hospital Chelsea Founder’s Day Parade
L to R: Regimental Secretary (in dapper bowler), Maj (MAA) Mark Field, Lt Col (Retd) Sulle Alhaji and Corps SM prior to the Cenotaph Parade
Lt Col (Retd) S D Collinson
 I’ve also managed to get out and about beyond the Branch Reunion weekends and it was a privilege to attend the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey and an honour to lead a full contingent of 24 Association Members at the Cenotaph Parade on Remembrance Sunday. During the latter, we even got some airtime on the BBC’s coverage of the parade.
A first for me this year was attending Founder’s Day at The Royal Hospital Chelsea, where we had the privilege of spending the day with our In-pensioner, Rodney Trenam. Rodney was on great form and hosted us impeccably, except when he nipped off dancing with a much younger lady!
In October, HQ RAPTC conducted a Battlefield Study to Belfast, Northern Ireland. During our time there we had the opportunity to join local RAPTC Officers and Instructors in a small service in the Palace Barracks Memorial Gardens,
RAPTC Association Executive Committee Trustees bid a fond farewell to Mrs Jules Fairclough prior to her retirement
where we unveiled a Memorial Stone in remembrance of WO2 (QMSI) Dave Bellamy APTC who was killed in an attack by the IRA on 28 Oct 79.
In Mar 23, the Association Executive Committee had the privilege to say their farewells to Mrs Jules Fairclough before she departed on retirement. Jules has been the Association Clerk for over 11 years and was the engine room of the Association office. Such was her commitment and dedication to the Association that the Trustees had no hesitation in presenting Jules with Honorary Membership of the RAPTC Association and we very much look forward to catching up with her at Association events.
Unveiling of Memorial Stone for WO2 (QMSI) Dave Bellamy APTC

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