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WO2 (QMSI) D Hunt RAPTC & SSgt (SSI) B Gilmore RAPTC
BAWF is a team & individual military physical fitness competition which supports and encourages military
fitness training in accordance with AGAI Vol 1 Ch 7 Physical Training. 2022 was a great success for both the individual & team competition.
The BAWF Individual Open (BAWFIO) 2022 took place between Jul & Oct, with 501 participants registering across the Regular, Reservist & Officer Cadet (OCdt) cohorts. The BAWFIO consisted of 8 categories, which took into consideration: gender, age & ability. Phase 1 of the competition was conducted remotely and included 4 workouts that tested various components of fitness and skill.
Those individuals who finished in the top 10 of phase 1, were subsequently invited to an in person final at the ASPT. The aim of the BAWFIO is to bestow the title “Fittest” male & female in the Army. At the finals, athletes were subjected to another 4 workouts, 1 of which was a head-to- head elimination on the obstacle course. The winners for 2 consecutive years were: SSgt (SSI) Alex Rees RAPTC in the male category and SSgt (SSI) Charlotte Spence RAPTC in the female category. A huge congratulations to them and all that entered, we hope to see you all again next year and, hopefully, some new faces.
The BAWF Team Series (BAWFTS) season is conducted over 5 Regional Events between Nov & Jun. Each Regional event consists of 4 workouts that test all components of fitness. Ranging from maximal strength to aerobic capacity
1st Place male team of the Team Finals (3PARA)
  as well as combining these elements to challenge the team-based format.
On completion of the 5 Regional events, the top seeded teams from across the Regions are invited to the team finals. The aim of the BAWFTS final is to find the “Fittest” team in the Army. On 6 Jul 22, teams battled it out at ATR Winchester with 20 male and 15 female teams in attendance. Athletes travelled from all over the UK and overseas to take part. The finals included a swim-based workout, sprint conditioning, heavy barbell work as well as load carriage.
The winners of the 2022 BAWFTS were: ATR Winchester in the female category, with SSgt (SSI) Elizabeth Fife RAPTC as Team Captain and 3PARA in the male category, with SSgt (SSI) Ben Gilmore RAPTC as Team Captain.
For further information on BAWF and how to get involved, please check out our Defence Connect page.
Sgt (SI) C Edwards being tested on the Obstacle Course
  SSgt (SSI) L Hilson working hard on the sled
All team finalists from the 21-22 BAWFTS Finals

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